Best Drill Bit Sharpener on the Market in 2024

What’s worse than a dull and unsharpened Drill Bit? Halfway into a project, it’s something that lurks. Often you don’t have a spare bit at the moment, or worse, you’re going to need to buy one. What if the shop is closed for the day already? It might be more time to purchase a drill bit sharper if you find yourself in this situation than you admit.

Anyone who uses bits knows it is important to have a sharp enough exercise bit for anything you try to do. We have all seen cases in which we drilled away and didn’t get anywhere because the drill was dull. You might think that sharpening your dull drill bits is not worth the trouble, or that they are time-consuming.,

We’ve assembled a list of sharpens that you can sharpen your car keys with at least ten dull bits. This list of 10 best sharper ensures that the favorite bit of your drill never has to be replaced.

10 Best Drill Bit Sharpener You must Try

1.  Drill Doctor DD750X

Drill Drill Bit Sharpener is renowned because of its high-performance diamond wheels and engine. You can’t go wrong with a drill doctor DD750X regardless of whether you’re a serious tradership or a weekend DIY warrior. The flexible sharper allows you to change the relief, and to sharpen your drill bits from a wide variety of angles. All Drill Dr. Sharpeners are designed and produced in the U.S. that makes them available for both business people and hobbyists.

The split point function model is one of its most important features which creates and restores split point bits that are perfectly self-centered. This sharpener is what makes it different from the rest since it can accommodate any kind of drill bit, even masonry drill bits.


  • Magnet engine of 120 volts
  • Diamond sharpening wheel pre-installed 180 grit
  • Chuck Jaw Longed
  • Specialized mandibular guides

2.  DAREX Drill V390

Darex company provides the opportunity to buy some of the best-selling products for sharpening at an affordable price. Darex is committed to bringing cost-effective and quality products to you to sharper your boxes on its own. It has more than 35 years of industrial sharpening experience. When you need it most, this means fast and easy development.

This quick and cost-effective precision sharper is built especially for small shops and businesses. It can sharpen 35 to 50 exercise sessions per week and has a split point that is ideal for relief regulation and a range of point types. In less than a minute, the 3-step sharpening method gives you sharp pins, which saves a lot of time. The Darex V390 is ideal for DIY lovers as well as small businesses.


  • Can sharpen 35-50 bits a week load.
  • Strong and lasting feeling.
  • Chuck’s Morse Tapered.
  • Sharpening Borazon Ring.

3.  Woodstock D4144

If you have a side-wheel bench grinder, this will allow you to use your drill bits even better. It’s ideal for 1/8 or 3/4″ bits and is good for a very modest price with wood box bits. The Woodstock D4144 is a common model with an extensive online manual. To ensure that you are relaxed and secure when using the unit, it is worth reading. Please be aware that you must sacrifice some space on the side of the stick to fix the jig.

The D4144 can be easily calibrated for different drill points and can be used to sharpen bits between 1/8 and 3/4 cm. This ensures that it can speed and accurately sharpen a variety of pieces.


  • Now Choose your smear to meet your requirements.
  • Feature of lockdown.
  • Adjust bit 6 between 1/8 and 3/4 inches. Bit 6es.
  • Compact size.

4.  STKUSA 32652

The STKUSA 32652 is a two-headed sharpener that allows the lives of all your favorite and most useful parts to be expanded. It also maintains the high-quality bits unchanged. This is an electric sharper and you don’t have to fix it to any boiler or molding machine to use it.

This bit sharper feature stands out most because it has two sharpening heads. One head is capable of sharpening smaller bits and the other suitable for larger bits. You can fit bits of 1/8 to 3/8 inches with your little head, while bits of 5/ 16 to 5/8 inches can be fitted with the large head.


  • Two different heads of sharpening.
  • Two settings for two different speeds.
  • Sharpener with electric cords.
  • Heat protection.
  • Anti-slide foot rubber.

5.  Chicago Pneumatic 61778

This convenient and compact (8″x6″x6″) unit, the Sharpener from the Chicago Electric Power Tools covers both your technical and household sharpening needs. Keep this multi-task sharp razor of your cutting and scraping tools. With this unit, you can sharpen 1/8″ to 3/8″ high-speed drill bits, 1/4″ to 2″ thick straight edge cutters. With a well-equilibrated 70-watt engine, this sharper operates calmly and efficiently and provides an excellent sharpening instrument for any home garage or store.

This is a Chicago Electric power tools multi-tasking multi-purpose sharpener. It may sharpen 1/2-inch to 3/8″ high-speed steel boxes and chisels on the straight edge with 1⁄4″ to 2″ thick plaster blades. It can not only sharpen a wide range of instruments but also sharpen knives and scissors.


  • Equipment to cut and grind, multifunctional sharpener.
  • The scissors and knives even sharpen.
  • The width of blades is 1/2″ to 2″

6.  Multi-Sharp 2001

The Multi-Sharp ATT2001 Dual purpose sharpens high-speed steel and maceration bits and center bits from Brad. This is a method for machine grinding that precisely sets every bit over the wheels (aluminum oxide (1) and silicon carbide (2)) and grinds the right tip and relief angles. An electric drill can also be supplied.

This light, but robust, grinder has all the corners built-in to ensure the correct tip geometry. It places every bit over the rollers to offer the right tip and relief angles. The special cam action ensures that the tip rake and chisel edge are right, which means that it is better than your typical sleeve.


  • Any electric boiler is compatible.
  • Casting or cutting instruments are re-edged and re-sharpened.
  • High-end silicone carbide sharpening wheels and aluminum oxide.

7.  O3 DFRT52787 Multi-Purpose

This tool can be regarded as the Big Brother Multi-Sharp 2001 electric version and is the ideal addition to your home workshop. The Multitasking Sharpener lets you sharpen steel high-speed bits from 1/8″ up to 3/8″ bits, chisels with a straight edge, and flat blades from 1/4″ to 2″ thick, scissors, and blades. Use it to sharply and uncleanly hold your cutting and shredding tools.

This is a multifunctional sharpener, a high-speed drill sharpener, electrically driven. It allows the highest speed steel bits to be sharpened from 1/8″ to 3/8″ as well as 1⁄4″- 2″ thick chisels and blades. Scissors and knives are also simple to sharpen.


  • Driven by electricity.
  • Booms, chisels, and jets. Sharpens boils.
  • Can also be used on scissors and knives.
  • Compact.

8.  Drill Master 98061

Save money and extend your favorite bits’ lifespan through this very inexpensive small box bit sharper The Drill Master 98061. Using this box bit sharpener for sharp and ready bits with your power box.

This is one of the smallest sharpeners on our list, with just four ounces of weight. Big, that is the case for this small tool, is not inherently better. That is the case for this small tool, it is not inherently better. It is easy to reach when you are working in your pocket and compact enough to fit into your hand’s palm.


  • 100 stones of grit.
  • 60 degrees left stop angle.
  • 4 ounces weighs.
  • Low cost.

9.  General Tools 825

The 825 Drill Grinding Annex is designed to significantly prolong drills’ life. This is done by precisely sharpening them to return to tolerance in the factory. The grinder has an angle gauge which enables the user to match precisely the angle of the point of almost any bit, even countersinks.

This grinder can be difficult to use at certain angles, but it is accurate. However, it can build a lasting sharpness if you have adequate work experience with technology.


  • Comes with accessories of knobs, handles, work holding, and equipment.
  • Manufacturing country: Taiwan.
  • Built for simple grinding of both sides of the bit with a swivel collar.

10. HOMOO Art Drill Sharpner

The HOMOO Art Portable Drill Bit Grinder is considerably cheaper than most other sharpening tools on the market but still has the right sharpening ability. The grinding machine is driven externally by a hook, with a fixed angle, and can shrink boxes to return cuts like a far more costly machine to the machine.

Portability is something that distinguishes this grinder from others. It essentially fits in a bag and for its comparatively small size is immensely practical. The snap without any of the additional electronic bits or mechanical complexities of far more costly opponents is lightweight.


  • Provide a quick, straightforward, and portable sharpening method.
  • Portable design.
  • User-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Think of what you are going to use before you go out and buy a drill bit sharpener. Small workshop owners can experience much more exercise bits than their typical DIY hobby players. Naturally, you don’t have an industrial sharpener at home, but you may want to reconsider using a mini-multi-tool in the industrial setup.


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