How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

Moen, a household name in the plumbing industry, is synonymous with quality faucets renowned for their durability, innovation, and stylish designs. Understanding the model number of your Moen faucet is crucial for a variety of reasons, ranging from ordering replacement parts to troubleshooting issues effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through a detailed exploration of how to locate your Moen faucet model number, ensuring that you have all the information you need for optimal maintenance and usage.

Check the Faucet Base:

Start your quest for the model number by inspecting the faucet’s base. Manufacturers commonly place a tag or engraving in this location, providing a unique alphanumeric code that serves as the faucet’s identification.

This code not only helps you identify the model but can also be essential when seeking specific replacement parts or accessories.

Inspect the Handle:

For single-handle faucets, a common location for the model number is on the handle itself. Examine the top, bottom, and sides of the handle for any engravings or markings.

Moen often places this information conveniently on the handle for quick reference, streamlining the identification process.

Examine the Escutcheon Plate:

Faucets equipped with an escutcheon plate, also known as a deck plate, may have the model number engraved on this decorative covering.

The escutcheon plate is positioned against the surface of the sink or countertop and serves as an aesthetic addition while potentially revealing crucial identification information.

Consult the Original Manual:

Dig out the original manual that accompanied your Moen faucet. Manuals provide a wealth of information, including detailed diagrams, installation instructions, and, most importantly, the faucet’s model number.

This resource can be invaluable not only for identifying the model but also for maintaining and troubleshooting your faucet effectively.

Online Resources and Moen Website:

Take advantage of Moen’s online tools designed to aid customers in identifying their faucet model numbers. Visit the official Moen website and explore the “Faucet Advisor” tool or the “Product Identification” section.

These resources often guide users through a series of questions related to their faucet, ultimately leading to the accurate identification of the model.

Contact Moen Customer Support:

When all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Moen’s dedicated customer support. The experienced staff can assist you in identifying the model number based on the information you provide.

Be ready to share details such as the style, finish, and any distinctive features of your faucet, facilitating a quicker resolution to your identification query.


Q1: Can I find the model number on the spout of my Moen faucet?

A1: While unusual, some faucets may have the model number engraved on the spout. Inspect the area near the base of the spout for any discernible markings.

Q2: Are all Moen faucet model numbers alphanumeric?

A2: Yes, Moen faucet model numbers typically consist of a combination of letters and numbers. This alphanumeric code ensures the uniqueness of each faucet model.

Q3: Is the model number the same as the serial number?

A3: No, the model number and serial number serve different purposes. The model number identifies the specific faucet model, while the serial number provides information about the manufacturing date and location.

Q4: Can I find the model number without removing the faucet?

A4: Absolutely. Many Moen faucets feature the model number on the exterior, either on the base, handle, or escutcheon plate. This eliminates the need to dismantle the faucet for identification purposes.


Identifying your Moen faucet model number is a pivotal step in ensuring the long-term functionality of your plumbing fixture. By following the aforementioned steps, including checking the base, inspecting the handle, examining the escutcheon plate, consulting the original manual, utilizing online resources, and contacting customer support when needed, you empower yourself with the knowledge to efficiently maintain and care for your Moen faucet. Armed with this information, you can confidently address any issues that may arise, securing the continued reliability and performance of your cherished Moen fixture.


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