How to Tile Shower Niche Without Bullnose

How to Tile Shower Niche Without Bullnose

Shower niches are useful and space-saving in your bathroom for everything from shampoo and conditioner They’re usually rectangular, with a bullnose edge that covers sharp corners. The problem with most niches is that they lack a bullnose. We researched the question ourselves.

In our quest to find the perfect niche for our bathrooms, we found that a niche with a bullnose will give your bathroom a more finished appearance than a traditional niche with no bullnose. This also makes it easier to clean the area around the niche because the bullnose provides a smooth surface to sweep up hair or water. If you want to know how to build a shower niche that has a bullnose, then read on to learn how to build a shower niche with a bullnose.

The first step to creating a niche for your bathroom is to remove the bull nose and shorten the profile so that it fits.

  • Slowly cut the legs of the metal profile using a miter saw It’s easy!
  • Use a rubber mallet to make the corners even
  • Measure the sill and cut the tiles according to size
  • Apply the thin-set on the sill and slope it just a bit so that the water flows easily
  • Do the same method on the sides of the niche

The bathroom niche has lots of benefits and you might want to have it installed. If you’re interested in starting a business and growing business into a multi-million dollar business this is the book to help you learn how to do so the best thing about shower niches is that there’s so much to learn.

Is there a shower niche that doesn’t have a bull nose?

Bullnose tiles have been out of style for some time. They tend to make shower areas look cramped, so most designers are removing them from new designs. Metal edge windows are more popular now than they were in the past, because of their sleek and modern appearance and their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

How much do Shower Niches Cost

The cost of your shower niche is determined by size, shape, and style. You can also choose between designs that have waterproof tiles and tiles that are not. It will cost you between $75 and $300 to prepare to make your business succeed. Shower tiles cost a little more than standard shower tiling because they’re not as simple as a flat surface. The process is more meticulous, and you’ll also need to consider the contractor’s quote.

When installing a shower niche, what should you consider?

You need to plan to do a home improvement project to get it done. One of the first things you should do before installing a niche in your bathroom is to decide what style you want your niche to have. The choice of style will depend on your personal style and how much you can afford to spend.

Of course, you also need a niche that’s intelligently designed. That will help ensure you sell products that customers want. Build a waterproof box that has ample space to hold your laptop or tablet, and it must also protect it from water splashes. What are the things you need to plan for when installing a niche?

Choose a Convenient Position

When figuring out the niche’s positioning, you should steer it away from the direct splash of the shower. You will also need to make sure that the shower product is easily reachable to everyone who uses it. If you have a bathtub, you should make sure it is located lower or near a level that is easily reached when you’re sitting in the tub. If your niche is horizontal, then the best position for it will change.

Consider its Size

It is best if your customers are accustomed to buying larger products. This allows them to easily purchase more products. To build a vertical niche, you can attach tiers inside the display.

Vertical niche shelf units are a great way to showcase a variety of your items. You can do this with horizontal niches too, but the spaces are too narrow and you won’t be able to fit anything more than small bottles and bar soaps.

Vertical or Horizontal Niche

Choose between horizontal or vertical niches depending on the products you intend to sell and the amount of room in the shower stall. Showering in a horizontal niche is the perfect space for a shower stall. You’ll get the maximum use of the shower space when it is placed in a niche.

Subway Tile Niche

Subway tiles used to have a bad reputation for being just a fad. But, once they became a popular product, you can see why they’re a great option for a bathroom renovation project, especially if your space is limited or you want something other than traditional ceramic tile. For those who want a modern yet affordable solution for their bathrooms, subway tile might be just what you’re looking for. Subways tile remain in style in years to come, so having this laid in your bathroom would be valuable in the future.


when you are looking for a place to install a shower niche, the best thing to do is to think about what you need it for and then decide if it’s something that will fit into your bathroom. A lot of people get hung up on the bullnose because they think that it’s the only way to go.

That’s not true. The bullnose is a style of tile that is popular in the United States. In the UK, however, the bullnose is not a standard design. They are more like square or rectangular shapes. You will have to use your imagination when thinking about where you want to install your shower niche.


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