How to Unclog a Toilet Full of Poop and Water

How to Unclog a Toilet Full of Poop and Water

A clogged toilet is an inconvenience no one wants to face, especially when it’s compounded by a mixture of water and waste. Nevertheless, with the right tools and techniques, you can efficiently resolve this common household issue. In this detailed guide, we will explore two comprehensive methods for unclogging a toilet—one using a plunger and the other involving a toilet auger. Additionally, we will address frequently asked questions to provide additional insights into troubleshooting common concerns.

Unclogging with a Plunger:

Gather Supplies:

Before embarking on this mission, ensure you have the necessary supplies on hand. Grab a plunger, rubber gloves, old towels or newspapers, and a bucket.

Prepare the Area:

Prevent any potential mess by laying down old towels or newspapers around the toilet. If hygiene is a concern, don rubber gloves before diving into the task.

Position the Plunger:

To effectively use the plunger, place it over the drain opening, making sure the entire cup covers the opening to create a proper seal.

Create a Seal:

Press down on the plunger firmly to create a tight seal, ensuring that the cup is fully submerged in water. This seal is crucial for generating the suction needed to dislodge the clog.

Plunge Gently:

Engage in a rhythmic push-and-pull motion with the plunger. Apply enough force to make a difference, but avoid aggressive movements that could break the seal.

Check for Results:

After a series of plunges, flush the toilet to determine if the clog has cleared. If not, repeat the plunging process until success is achieved. Dispose of any waste properly.

Unclogging with a Toilet Auger:

Gather Supplies:

For those preferring a different approach, gather a toilet auger, rubber gloves, old towels or newspapers, and a bucket before starting.

Prepare the Area:

Just like with the plunger method, lay down towels or newspapers around the toilet to catch any water. Put on rubber gloves for added hygiene.

Insert the Auger:

Extend the auger cable and carefully insert it into the toilet drain. Turn the handle clockwise to navigate the cable down the drain, ensuring it reaches the point of the clog.

Break up the Clog:

Continue turning the handle to break up the clog. Exercise caution to avoid excessive force, which could lead to damage to the toilet.

Retrieve the Auger:

Once the clog is broken up, slowly retract the auger, pulling the clog material out with it. Dispose of the waste properly.

Check for Results:

Flush the toilet to ensure the clog has cleared. If necessary, repeat the augering process until the desired results are achieved.


Q1: Can I use chemical drain cleaners to unclog a toilet?

A1: It is not recommended, as these cleaners can be harsh and may cause damage to your toilet. Stick to plunger or auger methods for a safer approach.

Q2: What if the toilet is still clogged after multiple attempts?

A2: If DIY methods fail, it’s advisable to call a professional plumber to avoid causing further damage to your plumbing system.

Q3: Can I use a regular plunger, or do I need a specific type?

A3: A standard cup plunger should suffice for most toilet clogs. Ensure you achieve a good seal for effective unclogging.


Unclogging a toilet filled with poop and water may seem like a daunting task, but armed with the right tools and following these step-by-step outlines, it becomes a manageable challenge. Whether you choose the plunging method or opt for a toilet auger, these techniques will help you tackle the issue effectively. Remember to dispose of waste properly and, if all else fails, seek professional assistance to avoid further complications. A clear and functioning toilet is just a few steps away with the right approach and a bit of effort.


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