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Best Bluetooth Speaker for Shower in 2024

Singing in the shower continued before the invention of the shower (don’t test it in fact). Bathroom acoustics make everyone Christina Aguilera. But playing music on your phone isn’t good enough to match the new tone and often you can’t hear it even in the falling water.

We’ve come this far in search of the best shower speaker and no matter how hard we try, it’s included in this list. Here are the best shower speakers for a potential supermarket. There are great shower speakers that do the trick, but as in most cases, they have strengths and weaknesses.

Some offer better Bluetooth connectivity, others emphasize sound quality more, others are more reliable or offer better overall value. Read on to find out which shower speaker is best for you.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speakers

JBL Charge 4 Speakers

The JBL brand has over 60 years of experience in producing state-of-the-art audio equipment, including waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers such as the JBL Charge 4. Charge 4, a 7500mAh battery that lasts for 4 hours, offers 20 hours of playtime.

At least a day at the beach or pool party is enough. These speakers aren’t reliable for hands-free calls or voice commands, but they act as a battery for your smart device. Use a single USB port to charge your smartphone while playing audio.

Even if the filling doesn’t have 4 hooks or loops to hold in the shower, the IPX7 waterproof feature prevents water from splashing and dripping out of the bathtub.

It’s not a stereo speaker, but it offers powerful sound quality that can be enhanced with multi-speaker effects with the JBL Connect Plus app. With this app, you can connect a total of 100 JBL speakers and play audio from other compatible speakers along with your Charge 4. You can also connect two smartphones or tablets to this speaker to control the transmission between them.

Fugoo Sport

The Fugoo Sport is the same as the Fugoo Style we reviewed before and has won Editors’ Choice Awards. The only difference between sport and style is the “jacket” they wear, and the difference in name. Fugoo Sport wears a specially designed rubber jacket to provide an added level of protection from water, dust, and physical shock. The IP67 water resistance allows the speaker to be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes, which is one of the best results in our review.

To make your travel more convenient and keep the name right, Fugoo Sport has a 40-hour battery capacity. This is the most durable Bluetooth shower speaker in a largely rural enterprise as no other speaker comes close. The speaker is 6 built-in speakers, providing universal sound.

There are two neodymium subwoofers, two treble speakers, and two passive radiators that produce a bright and balanced sound that is unparalleled in summary. However, if you like the stereo mode, you can connect more than one speaker to the audio source.

Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Duo

You need something you don’t need to bother or worry about. It’s something you can put anywhere to fix your music. Join Polk Audio’s Swim Boom Duo. It is the most versatile speaker you can ever get. That’s why he got the title of one of the best shower speakers you can ever get.

The design of the IPX7 means you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the bathtub, and you can even change the nozzle by removing the speaker. You can use a suction cup or a tail that is flexible enough to wrap around anything.

Mid-range speakers are nothing special, so don’t expect powerful high-bass sounds. These speakers can be surprisingly loud for their size, but you can feel some treble distortion at higher volumes. So be careful when you go over it.

AYL Soundfit

AYL Soundfit is one of the smallest waterproof shower speakers in the review. Despite its size, it has 5W of acoustic power in a fairly compact and rugged package. The sound is very good when considering the physical size. The speakers are louder and more pronounced at lower frequencies than we expected. AYL is one of the cheapest Bluetooth speakers today.

The speaker comes with a durable rubber band that you can use to carry or attach the carabiner and hang it on your backpack or bike. There is a screw hole at the bottom of the speaker, so it can be used with any type of bracket, giving you unlimited mounting flexibility.

The speakers are small and very light, making them one of the most portable speakers of our review. AYL Soundfit also supports a 3.5mm connection, so if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth wireless technology, you can always connect using the old (included) accessory cable.

Bose is one of the most well-known brands in the audio field, and while its products may not be the most popular among audiophiles, the company certainly knows how to make a great niche product.

Use Bose QC35 headphones. It doesn’t sound great, but it’s comfortable and has excellent working noise reduction technology that has become a must for many commercial customers.

The Micro Bose SoundLink is similar, but in the world of speakers, it looks just as good in the shower as in the living room.

The only downside is battery life, but in the test, about 4 hours is still not enough for a shower. It also has built-in game controls and hooks on the back so you can attach it to anything in your bathroom. It’s not the best option, but at $99 it’s a good option.

Treblab HD55

You can know Treblab with headphones. Because this is the niche they started and their main specialty. But some time ago, Treblab launched its first Bluetooth-enabled speaker, the HD55. The company is known for its excellent customer service, so it receives disproportionately positive and active reviews.

But could they do it with a Bluetooth speaker? Look at this! The speaker has a classic cylindrical shape similar to the well-known EU Boom 2 we saw earlier.

The TREBLAB HD55 is an excellent universal speaker suitable for most users and passions, not just bass lovers. This is one of the best shower speakers on the market.

The Treblab HD55 comes with an extra red cover, so bring one if you think you should add some fun to your music device. The game controls are simple but very innovative. To change the audio track, simply switch left or right in the panel. Easy to use and works great even with wet fingers.

Jam Hang Up

Overall, the EU Roll 2 is a great waterproof speaker, but if you want the speaker to stay only on the bathroom wall, the Jam Hang Up is one of the best shower speakers. Effective. For less than $20, it has a design similar to the Bose SoundLink Micro, with a choice of weir designs and colors.

On the back of the Hang Up there is a silicone panel that can be pushed back to reveal a sticky cushion that effectively adheres to any flat surface. Do not fall off the shower cap during testing. It’s also easy to clean and to use as a small speaker in your living room, you just need to cover the sticky pad with the same silicone tab.

UE Roll 2

Ultimate Ears is one of the leading speaker brands in the speaker market specializing in portable audio systems via Bluetooth. UEs that offer something that stands out in terms of design are slowly becoming branded, and so is Roll 2. To us, it originated in the Wonderboom EU reviewed below, and it looked like an exploding can of coal. On the other hand, the UE Roll 2 looks like a can of crushed charcoal.

Ultimate Ears is one of the leading brands of portable Bluetooth speakers. EU Roll 2 is a good example of its unique approach and well-known build quality. In fact, Roll 2 is bigger than I expected from the web image. It retains the design line of the previous product and remains visually the same.

The bag is durable and made of military-quality waterproof and impact-resistant mesh. At the same time, if you find boring and boring speaker colors in the reviews, the EU offers modern color options.

Wrapping Up

Bluetooth speakers are the cheapest and easiest way to make music louder in your bathroom, but there are other options as well. For example, if you want to connect speakers throughout your home, you can always use wireless speakers with loss-proof speakers suitable for bathrooms.

This type of speaker connects via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, resulting in a more reliable connection, but at a higher cost. When choosing what is considered to be the best shower speaker, I found a few features. Most importantly, it was definitely waterproof.

The shower speaker can be used indoors or indoors. The only thing to remember is that the speaker is certified waterproof for safety.


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