8 Best Bathroom Medicine & Wall Storage Cabinets in 2024

List of 8 Best Bathroom Cabinets to consider when you are planning to build or renovate your bathroom.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

There are many best medicine bathroom cabinets in the market. Aquadom Signature Royale is one of them. It not only offers a defogger but has also an interior USB charging port. It’s available in a range of sizes with a built-in digital clock but it is on the more expensive side. Another best in the business is the commercial-grade Mirror and Marble 23 x 36. It has an aluminum construction which makes it durable. The exterior LEDs in the design provide extra light. The inside of this cabinet contains three adjustable glass shelves. It is one of the easy installation equipment. It comes with soft closing hinges and is generally bulkier than the other brands. Kohla Verdera bathroom medicine cabinets are recommended for professional use. It has some stylish designs. Its coloring design makes an excellent product. It’s a group of integrated interior outlets and a flip-out magnifying glass. You should also note that an extra kit is required for surface mount.

The next product recommended is the aluminum frame Innoci USA Zeus, if the price isn’t an overwriting consideration.  It uses vertical mounted LEDs that bulb fifty thousand hours of use. Its option is lighted both inside and outside so you will never be left in the dark. It’s a group with a reflective interior and a sensor for hands-free operation. It comes with minimal installation and instructions. If your bathroom is not much larger and you have a little space, Homcom Vertical is then the best option for you. Its energy-efficient (1) LEDs are one of the best features. It comes at a budget-friendly price and holds up to 33 pounds. It includes an attractive mirrored interior. For those who consider form as important as function, the sharp-looking Aqua dome touch screen bathroom medicine cabinets bring a lot to the washbasin. Customize to your particular needs it gives you either surface mount or recessed installation options along with two adjustable shelves. It features a reinforced anodized frame, a one-year warranty, and a quick release that hinges the open smoothly.

Jensen Granville Four Bulb comes with a three-panel polished mirror that offers distortion-free viewing. The body is made up of white PVC-coated particleboard while the inside has two fixed channels for your storage requirements. This one uses sixty-watt incandescent bulbs and the doors can open together or separately it’s simple to surface mount.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

The bathroom wall cabinet holds plenty of stuff inside with its adjustable shelves, the beadboard panels on the door, and the display shelves. In the coming lines, I’ll teach you how to build a bathroom wall cabinet. I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can for your ease and comfort. Before starting anything, carry out the measurement and then glue and screw the pieces together to make a simple box first. Make two shelves and use them as spacers to align the other sides. Use a shelf pin jig to help line up the holes for the shelf supports. You should use solid wood instead of plywood for the face frames. It is recommended that don’t cut all the wood at the start and cut them as and when required as per the measurements. Then build the doorframe using the tools. Use a rabbeting bit on the router to make a ledge for the door panel to rest on. Add a slight round over the edges of the door to match the doors on the vanity if needed. Attach a beveled piece cut at 45 degrees to hang the panel to the wall. Color the bathroom wall cabinet which matches your tiles or sink, etc.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

It brings functionality to your home while offering trusted, enduring qualities. It features high styles for discriminating customers. Most of them have LEDs lights installed to ensure a well-lit environment for an enjoyable experience. In some of the designs, the door is sliding aside, presenting a unique design. It has normally 2 or more 2 shelves inside providing a large amount of space. It comes in different colors and designs.

Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Before remodeling, a bathroom must keep in mind to spare some space for a bathroom linen cabinet. It has become quite a popular item in the bathroom. Storage is always at a premium in a small space, nowhere is that truer than a bathroom. If the clutter in your bathroom is a little out of your control it is time to get yourself a new linen cabinet. You can get standalone linen towers or you can have built-in too which would match the cabinets. It gives you storage space in the bathroom to store your stuff. By getting this you would avoid easily going to the laundry room every time and have a storage space right in the bathroom. You can place all your clean towels inside as it is quite spacious.

The beauty is that it comes in almost every color and is very economical. You can get any sort of linen cabinet that suits your budget from the stores and or the internet. You can also build one for yourself as its design and construction are very easy. It does not only add value but most importantly the functions that it performs. The linen cabinets are designed both for the master bathroom and the guest bathroom. It is good for a vanity unit with two sinks and acts as a partition between the two sinks. You can also use the bathroom sink cabinets or bathroom vanity cabinets to cater to the toiletries or towels, etc. left outside because of the non-availability of storage space.

Ideas: Linen Cabinet

A touch of green in your white bathroom. Adding a spice rack to the inside of a cabinet door creates hidden storage for your bathroom.

A small over the toilet storage unit provides stylish shelves for string paper so that you may never run out of toilet paper and other necessities without taking a step out of your washroom.

Built-in shelves create an open storage area for the neat and clean storage of your towels and toiletries. Having everything on display also encourages you to keep things tidy.

You can also add a magnetic knife strip to the inside of your linen cabinet door to create extra storage space. It holds bobby pins and other metal body tools. You can also add some acrylic holder to add or store nail polish or makeup items.

For an industrials look, use plumbing pipes for hanging towels. You can arrange them in any configuration that suits your bathroom. Wood shelves attach to its top also create additional space for the storage of different items.

Make use of the space around your toilet for storing toilet papers, magazines and whatever else you need in hand.

Use bathroom sink cabinets for storage of makeup items, nail polish, toilet papers or clean towels.

You can also get the bathroom storage cabinets to enhance the storage space inside.

Instead of shelves, small canvas bags suspended by a rope from hooks provide a cute artsy alternative for storage on a wall. For a very modern look, multi-functional steel organizer stores toothbrushes make up items and hair drier, etc.

A free-standing tiered bamboo shelf adds valued storage without taking up too much effort. If you have a pedestal sink or a wall mount sink and no cabinets to speak of, you can get the RAGRUND shelf which is specially designed for the above-mentioned cases.

Top Ten Bathroom Vanity Cabinets-2024

SerialDescriptionCost Effect
1Home Chelsea 36” right offset bath vanity with white quartz marble top, soft white$ 749.99
2Glennville 49” cottage bathroom vanity cabinet set in white GD 28327$ 895
348” white solid wood and tempered glass single vessel sink bathroom vanity w/brushed nickel faucet- “Ripley”$ 829
448” bathroom vanity ceramic lavatory top integrated sink CM1$ 1099.99
560” Benton collection double sink Sanford bathroom sink vanity cabinet model CF-3048M 60$ 1095
6Vanity art 60” bathroom vanity set super white phoenix store free mirror VA1060 DW$ 1368.90
7Vanity art 48″ bathroom vanity set Carrara marble stone-free mirror VA2048 G$ 1332.90
8Windy bay 30” wall mount floating bathroom vanity sink set-Vanity sink grey$ 499
9Vanity art 84” double sink bathroom vanity set with ceramic top free mirror VA-3124-84 E$ 1865
10Vanity art 24” single sink bathroom vanity set with  ceramic top with free mirror VA-3024 E$ 498

Now we shall discuss some of the best brands available in the market along with their pros and cons for better analysis of users to make a perfect choice.

KraftMaid Bathroom Cabinets

They are addressing storage that comes out to you motorized, lighting: that brings everything to light and easier to work within the bathroom (2). They are available in all colors and have unique and latest designs. One of the best features they have in their cabinets is the auto-open wastebasket. You can just touch it with your knee if your hands aren’t free and the wastebasket would get open in front of you.


  • Two-door to one cabinet to reach the hard paces easily and enhance the storage space.
  • Installation of lights inside the cabinets to be used in darkness.
  • Use of good quality glass.


  • A small variety of colors.
  • High prices.

Lowe’s Bathroom Cabinets

Overview: It is the 2nd biggest hardware store in the U.S after Home Depot. Lowe’s started in 1921 and the original store was called Mr. L.S. Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware. In the beginning, Lowe’s focused on the users/consumers as main customers but later on, they resorted to the role of a retailer and started expanding their business through construction companies and professionals.


  • Bathroom cabinets are available in a vast variety.
  • It gives away a sophisticated and perfect look.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to replace and install a new one.


  • Despite being the oldest in business they are at number two and prices of most of the products are a bit high as compared to home depot.

Ikea Bathroom Cabinets

Overview: The Ikea bathroom cabinets are made up of pure wood and are therefore very durable. Their availability in different colors and sizes makes them one of the best in business. You can select any bathroom cabinet by measuring your bathroom size and the space available to you. It is considered to be a perfect solution to update a small bathroom on a lower budget. The drawers in the cabinet provide an extra hidden storage area to the users. It usually comes in all colors but you can paint it any color of your choice. You can also make the vanity at your home. To make it by yourself, you would require lumber, plywood, hinge, Milter saw, table saw or circular saw, and the drill machine.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes and can fit from small to large bathrooms.
  • It is very economical.
  • You can customize it too.


  • The color of the top unit in most of the designs needs improvement.
  • Less spacious.

Home Depot Bathroom Cabinets

Overview: It is the number 1 brand in the U.S. Its innovative features are designed for residential and commercial use. They also offer bathroom mirror cabinets. The durability and ease of installation make them the perfect option available to any customer. It is available in multicolor and multiple sizes. The elegant finishes compliment any bathroom décor. The cabinet includes European concealed 35 mm 6 way adjustable hinges. It has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Economical and user-friendly.
  • It has more space available in the form of drawers and cabinets.


  • The Home Depot stores are not available in small towns.
  • The color variety of home depot needs improvement. They should introduce more colors and designs.

No matter what cabinet you select or how low or high your budget is, the most deciding factor in selecting a bathroom cabinet is to keep in mind your requirement of storage space and the space available to you in the bathroom for installation of a bathroom cabinet. If you know these two factors correctly, there are 100 percent chances for you to get a perfect cabinet. Last but not least, never compromise quality for a few bucks.


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