Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light in 2024

Many people don’t think about the importance of installing their bathroom exhaust fan properly until they experience a problem with it. 

One common issue that arises is water leaking out from around the fan into the wall or ceiling below. This can lead to mold, mildew, and other unsavory smells in your home. Another issue is when you have no light source installed on your bathroom exhaust fan which makes it hard to clean under there and see what’s going on!

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some best bathroom exhaust fans with LED lights so you can avoid these problems entirely! These are all great options for getting an efficient and effective solution at a low price point without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Let’s get started!

Homewerks 7141-50 Bathroom Fan Integrated LED Light

Homewerks 7141-50 Bathroom Fan Integrated LED Light is the perfect way to outfit your home with light and ventilation. With an LED light integrated, you can be assured that this fan will go through the years without ever needing a bulb replaced while never sacrificing any of its efficiency.

You won’t have to worry about it being too noisy either–this fan is rated at only 0.7 Sones with 50 CFM of airflow.

The Homewerks 7141-50 comes in white or almond and has 3 speeds as well as oscillation so it can cover every inch of your bathroom. It’s also Energy Star qualified so you know that it isn’t going to cost more than necessary on your electric bill.

Tosca 7117-02-BN Bathroom Fan Integrated LED Light

If you’re like most people, your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house. This means that it’s usually pretty hot and stuffy after a shower or bath. You can either open up all of the windows to let out some heat or turn on an overhead fan to cool things down.

The problem with opening up all of the windows is that it lets in too much noise and cold air from outside! And if you leave them open for too long while you’re taking a shower, then flies will start coming into your bathroom through those big gaps between the window frames and walls. 

With this integrated LED light/fan combo by Tosca 7117-02-BN Bathroom Fan Integrated LED Light, there’s no need to choose between fresh air or comfort! These fans have a built-in frosted glass panel that diffuses light without sacrificing privacy when using the toilet (or sweating!). Plus they don’t look like a traditional bathroom exhaust fan which blends right in with your decor.

These fans also have 3 speeds and optional oscillation so you can direct the air where you want it. They’re a pretty sleek design and each light has about 70 CFM of airflow to help get hot water out of your home quickly. The LED lights feature dimmable touch controls as well which is a nice little bonus.

Since these fans have LED lights instead of traditional ones, it’s recommended that you change them out every 5-7 years to get the longest possible life out of your light bulbs.

Delta BreezRadiance 80 CFM Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

There are many bathroom fans that are not energy efficient, don’t ventilate properly, and can be noisy.

The Delta BreezRadiance is a low noise ceiling mount ventilating fan, light, and heater. It has an integrated LED light with three brightness levels to illuminate the bathroom while using as little energy as possible (HVI Reference 1004916). 

This product is ideal for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint or save on their utility bills. It also helps you create a comfortable environment in your home by providing ventilation during hot summer months without sacrificing comfort during cold winter months.

Hunter 83002 Ventilation Sona Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light

Hunter has created a line of super quiet, yet effective ventilation products that will revolutionize the way you use your bathroom fan. 

The 83002 is a sleekly designed bath exhaust fan with an integrated nightlight to illuminate the room after dark. Its small size means it can be installed almost anywhere in your home without taking up too much space or creating an eyesore. It features 3 speeds to choose from based on how much air circulation you need at any given time and comes complete with washable filters for easy maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about this unit being too loud because it’s incredibly quiet at just 3 sones – so quiet that you may forget it’s even running! And as if all of these benefits weren’t enough, this product also includes a lifetime warranty for peace of mind when making your purchase decision!

Broan-NuTone HD80L Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan Combo

When you’re looking for a ventilation fan, you need it to be powerful and effective. You want something that will keep your home fresh and smelling good. 

Most fans out there just don’t have the power or features that are needed when trying to eliminate moisture from your home. They either aren’t strong enough or they’re too loud for most situations. 

The Broan-NuTone HD80L Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan Combo is exactly what you’ve been searching for! This fan is extremely powerful but also very quiet so that it won’t disturb anyone in the house while running. It’s easy to install and includes everything necessary including ducting connectors with tapered sleeves, which makes installation even easier if you choose to do it yourself! The bright 100Watt incandescent light gives off plenty of quality light without being harsh on the eyes like some other lights can be, making this perfect as an everyday room light as well

Things to Consider Buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light

Size and Style of the Bathroom:

You want to install a bathroom exhaust fan, but you’re not sure what size is best. There are many factors that can affect the size of your bathroom exhaust fan such as the age and construction of your home. 

The easiest way to find out how much air will be blown out by your new bathroom exhaust fan is to measure the room in which it will be installed, using this formula: Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet. For example, if you have a 10′ X 10′ room with 8-foot ceilings, then that’s 800 cubic feet (10x10x8). If there are two people in this room at one time and each person takes 5 minutes per day on average to shower or bathe then they would use up 400 CFM of air every 24 hours (400/24=16).

Energy Efficiency:

We all know that energy efficiency is important, but it can be hard to decide which features are most important.

Most people don’t realize how much money they’re wasting on their exhaust fans. A good rule of thumb is that a fan with high energy efficiency has a rating between 50 and 100 cubic feet per minute per watt. You can check the Energy Guide here. If you have an old exhaust fan, chances are it’s not very efficient at all! 

The best way to find out if your existing exhaust fan is energy efficient or not is by checking its CFM/Watt ratio using this calculator from Energy Star. If your current one doesn’t score well (below 50), you might want to consider replacing it with a more efficient model right away!

Noise Level and Features:

The noise level of an exhaust fan can be a big problem, especially if you are trying to sleep or relax in your home or office.

You don’t want the loud hum of an exhaust fan keeping you up at night. 

The best way to compare different fans is by using our Fan Noise Comparison Tool. This tool lets you compare up to 4 different models at once based on their decibel ratings and additional features like sound dampening insulation or variable speed motors.


We hope you like the list of exhaust fans with LED lights in our review, we’ve given you some ideas of what to look for in a bathroom exhaust fan. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, please contact us and one of our experts will work with you on finding the right solution for your needs.


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