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10 Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person in 2024

A bathroom is a place where we spend most of our time when we are free. This may seem odd but it’s a reality now. At times one looks for a small and quiet place just to relax or spend some free time. A bathroom (1) is a perfect place for this purpose as there is no one there when you are in.

In this modern era, people spend most of their time on smartphones watching movies or listening to their favorite music, and guess what; they use their smartphones most of the time while sitting on a toilet seat. Also, some people have the habit of reading a newspaper in the bathroom.

These examples help us understand the fact that the majority of people nowadays spend a healthy amount of time in their bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, a toilet seat is something on which people sit. This is why one pays attention to the quality of toilet seats while buying them.

Why should you choose a high-quality toilet seat?

As mentioned earlier, the toilet seat is something on which the majority of people spend their time in bathrooms. Therefore, one should not compromise on the quality of toilet seats. The color of ordinary toilet seats fades away quickly plus they tend to break easily with excessive use age.

Moreover, these ordinary toilet seats don’t add any beauty or do not match the theme of our bathroom. By using low-quality toilet sears you may have some skin problems such as rashes or dry skin. These problems with the passage of time can become a serious health issue.

Due to these reasons, one should always avoid buying local or ordinary quality toilet seats. In order to make your bathroom experience convenient and safe, we have listed down some key points to keep in mind while buying toilet seats.

How one should choose the best toilet seat?

1: Never compromise on comfort:

You should always look for a comfortable toilet seat for your bathroom. For toilet seats, the factor that determines their comfort is the softness. There are many soft padded toilet sears available that are comfortable to sit on. These seats become even softer when you sit on them and make your body feel relax and comfortable.

Don’t worry; these toilet seats are as strong as the regular ones despite soft-touch material. Moreover, there are now multiple soft padded toilet seats available with different levels of comfort.

2: identify your toilet shape first:

There are a number of toilet seats available such as round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats. Before choosing in between these two, you must know the shape of your toilet.

As elongated toilet shape is still pretty new people opt for them without keeping the shape of their toilet in mind. The elongated toilet seats may not fit that well in round toilets. This is why you must know the shape of your toilet.

3: Ease of installation:

No matter how fancy or elegant your chosen toilet seat is, it must be easy to install and remove. For this, you need to decide between the conventional nut and bolt mount or integral nut and bolt amount. The integral nut and bolt mount is relatively new for some fancy toilet seats but it’s not easy to install. 

It may even take an hour to install a toilet seat with an integral nut and bolt mount system. On the other hand, it is easy to install a toilet seat with conventional nut and bolts fitting.

4: Choose The Right Material:

While choosing a toilet seat, you need to decide between plastic and wood material options. These two are the most commonly available option for toilet seats. There are many qualities available in plastic toilet seats as well. High-quality plastic never loses its original color and shape. Plastic toilet seats mainly come in white, off-white and black colors. You can choose the color combination according to your bathroom theme.

On the other hand, wood toilet seats have also become quite common. These may seem a bit expensive initially, but they provide value for money. These wood toiler sears are more durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, different wood types are also available for wood toilet seats. These seats generally come in dark color shades such as dark brown or black. Compared to plastic ones, wood toilet seats provide good grip and comfort while sitting on them.

5: Don’t forget the cleaning part:

Toilets are meant to be cleaned; the same is the case with toilet seats. You must look for a toilet seat which has an easy and convenient option for cleaning it. A dirty toilet seat can harm your health and can also cause some health issues.

While choosing a soft padded toilet seat, you should also check its cleaning method. As these soft cushioned toilet seats use pads for cushioning which have tiny pores? These tiny pores can collect tiny dust particles easily and are hard to clean.

These fancy toilet seats may look promising but one should never neglect their cleaning methodology. By using standard wood or plastic toilet seats you can resolve this issue. These toilet seats are easy to clean and replace.

6: Color and Style:

As toilet seats are available in a variety of colors and styles, one should buy the most suitable color and style combination for his bathroom. Many people are quite conscious about it, but in hurry, they often choose the wrong color and style combination.

If you want to maintain your bathroom theme and color combination, choose the same or most suitable color combination for your toilet seat. This would not only look great but will also give a luxurious and elegant feel to your bathroom.

7: Pricing:

The price is something that many people rely on. People need to understand that good-quality toilet seats are not cheap. It’s an understood fact that for the price you get the quality. For those who are low on a budget, we have listed the top 10 best toilet seats.

Bath Royale Premium Toilet seat

Bath Royale is one premium toilet seat that provides a royal experience. Its sturdy and robust build makes it durable and the use of high-quality plastic material makes it a premium toilet seat. It’s designed in such a way that it equally distributes your weight across the seat. This design makes it really convenient and easy to use.

It has I-Touch quick-release functionality, which allows you to clean it easily. With one touch the seat can be separated from the bowl with ease, which helps to clean it thoroughly. Bath Royale premium toilet seat is ideal for everyone’s use-age, with its simple operation and premium build it’s a must-have toilet seat for every bathroom.

BRONDELL L60-EW LumaWarm Toilet seat

What makes this toilet seat so special is its three temperature settings. For those users who find toilet seats a bit colder to sit on in winters, this is the best option.

Brindell Lumawarm has three temperature settings that can be set easily according to one’s needs. It also comes with a built-in blue Led that glows at night. This addition along with the temperature settings makes it super convenient to use especially at night times.

KOHLER Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

Kohler k4636-0 is an ideal toilet seat for elongated toilets. The construction is solid as it is made up of polypropylene material which is durable. This material makes this toilet stainless and fadeless, providing an extra layer of protection. It’s easy to install and comes with rubber bumpers that clamp easily.

As the name indicates, it comes with a quick close and releases functionality. This makes it easier and convenient to use as with one touch one can operate it. The cleaning of KOHLER cachet’s quiet close toilet seat is also straightforward and easy.

Mayfair slow close wood toilet seat

This Mayfair toilet seat is designed for round bowls and is very convenient to operate. The round design also helps in installing this toilet seat with ease.

This toilet seat is made of fine quality molded wood, this wood adds to the durability of the toilet seat. This material can also bear heavy loads easily making it an ideal choice for commercial use. Moreover, this molded wood is scratch and dust resistant which prolongs the life of the toilet seat.

As it uses the hinge system, it can be separated making it easier to clean and replace. This hinge system is automatic so you don’t have to manually separate the seat.

Bemis-500 Molded wood round toilet seat

Featuring a round design, this Bemis toilet seat is compatible with every round toilet bowl. The high gloss makes it super shiny and suites with almost every type of bathroom theme. The use of quality wood material makes it scratchproof and dustproof at the same time.

The use of hinges functionality makes it easier to separate and clean. You won’t find any difficulties while cleaning this toilet seat. The hinge system is also automatic which doesn’t require frequent hand touch while cleaning. Due to this functionality, you can install, replace, and clean this toilet seat with ease.

Mayfair Natural Oak Veneer Toilet Seat

Mayfair, the natural oak veneer toilet seat is one another great addition to their toilet seat lines up.

The overall look and feel of this toilet seat is something that attracts the most. It is available in both round and elongated designs. Due to its versatility and style, this toilet seat is one of the most selling products of Mayfair.

The installation process of these toilet seats is straightforward and easy. As it also comes with hinges and nuts which makes it easy to install and even replace. 

Made with high-quality wood, this toilet seat not only looks attractive but is also durable and a safe choice. If you want to give your bathroom a different look, this toilet seat is for you.

BioBidet Bliss Smart Toilet Seat

BioBidest bliss smart toilet seat is premium and a luxury style toilet seat. This seat is designed for those users who want to give their bathrooms an elegant and luxurious touch. It comes with a host of features that are its main highlight.

It comes with multiple options and is made of stainless steel. The use of stainless steel makes it a strong and durable toilet seat. Due to its high-quality material, it can bear heavy weights without any problems. Despite its range of features, it consumes less electricity and has a built-in power-saving mode.

Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat

The Mayfair soft toilet seat is made up of wood core pads along with soft vinyl touch. The addition of soft-touch material adds to the comfort of this toilet seat. For those who want a comfortable and soft toilet seat, this option is for them.

The cleaning of the Mayfair soft toilet seat is also relatively easy. You can also install and replace the toilet seat with ease. If you are brand conscious and want a soft toilet seat within your budget you can have a look at it.

Toto washlet toilet seat

The Toto Washlet is also a luxurious and elegant toilet seat. It is made up of high-quality material which adds to its durability. Toto being one famous brand has manufactured this toilet seat with the best in class material which is scratch and dustproof.

This toilet seat has an automatic operation which makes it super convenient to operate. For your further convenience, it also comes with a remote. Moreover, it also has a built-in temperature and pressure control system which lets you adjust these values with ease.

Bemis Plastic Elongated Toilet Seat

Bemis plastic elongated toilet seats us great for high volume applications. It’s an ideal toilet seat (3) for commercial use age like, in malls, petrol stations, and hotels. It Is made up of high-quality plastic material which can bear heavy weight easily. This plastic is also durable, strong, and can suffer regular wear and tear.

Moreover, this toilet seat is also very easy and convenient to clean. The installation process is straightforward and doesn’t take that much time.


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