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Best Enzyme Drain Cleaner in 2024

Drain clogs are common and our drainage system (1) can be blocked by various things. Having a clogged drain is normal but getting rid of it timely by choosing a good drain cleaner is the thing to look after. Enzyme Drain Cleaner is the best cleaner to choose for drain cleaning because it provides you harm-free cleaning.

Most household sewage cleaners use toxic chemicals that are harmful to plumbing and the environment, but enzyme drain cleaners use natural enzymes to keep the flow smooth and flat without damage.

Choosing the best enzyme cleaner according to the blockage type is quite important and for this, you have to search for the best enzyme cleaners available in the market. For ease, Here we have collected some of the best enzyme drainage cleaners you can easily get in 2024.

Green Gobbler Ultimate Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Value for money is everyone’s ultimate goal. You want the best (or best) possible for the money you pay. When it comes to Enzyme Drain Cleaner, the best option to buy is Enzyme Gobbler Ultimate Green Drain Cleaner. Green Gobbler’s Ultimate Enzyme Drain Cleaner has been a best-selling product and says it still sells a lot today.

It contains many good features it may seem expensive for a while, but if you compare the features they all come at a very good price. It can dissolve all types of organic material, papers, or many other types of dust. It is a Non-damaging product so it’s safe for your drainage pipes. Also, it is environmentally friendly (2) and safe for our health. That’s why Green Gobbler Ultimate Enzyme Drain Cleaner is the best enzyme cleaner for your money.

Flo-Kem 5195 Commercial Enzyme Drain Cleaner

For those who can spend a little more money without compromising on quality, Flo-Kem 5195 commercial enzyme sewage treatment is the best choice for them. You can either buy a quality item once or a cheap item every day, but the cost is the same. So it’s better to choose the best one for you.

The new Flo-Kem 5195 enzyme drain cleaner is the most reliable, selective, and qualitative enzymatic sewage cleaner in the industry and is considered the gold standard for many consumers and non-consumers alike.

If you’re looking for a high-quality enzyme sewage purifier, don’t go any further than the Flo-Chem 5195 commercial enzyme sewage cleaner contains a heavy-duty bio-enzyme formula for opening up toughly clogged drains. It can liquefy many suspended solids like fats, oils, scum soup. If you have a smelly drain, you can Eliminate all types of foul odors and get a white milky pleasant scent by using this cleaner.

Harris Eco-Friendly Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Now let’s continue the list, we have something very specific for a particular audience. Yes, Harris’ Eco-Friendly Enzyme Sewage Cleaner has a very selective audience with a distinct taste. Harris’ Enzyme Environmentally Friendly Drain Cleaner is especially for those who want quality and cost-effectiveness, and Harris’ Environmentally Enzymatic Enzyme Drain Cleaner won the Best Enzyme Drain Cleaner Award for less than $100 in the analysis.

This drain cleaner can remove all types of buildup clogged with its great formula. Also very safe for your pipes because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. It also helps you to prevent your pipes from future clogs.

FDC Concentrated Liquid Bacterial Enzyme Drain Cleaner

FDC Concentrated Liquid Bacteria Enzyme Drain Cleaner is a veteran on the market and has been here for a long time. It offers something unique that other cleaners don’t have. This cleaner can efficiently remove fats, grease, sludge, oils, waste, and paper. It is specifically designed to eliminate harsh odor. The biodegradable liquid it contains is safe for the environment.

If you want to try something new and classic, choose FDC’s Concentrated Liquid Bacteria Enzyme Drain Cleaner. An interesting and interesting fact about Enzyme Drain Cleaner is that FDC’s Concentrated Liquid Enzyme Drain Cleaner is a veteran, but its users are mostly younger generations. It can be said that fashion changes after a century and everything repeats itself.

AmazonCommercial Enzyme Drain Cleaner

If you are buying Enzyme Drain Cleaner for the first time, you will need to purchase a Commercial Enzyme Drain Cleaner from Amazon. When comparing Commercial Enzyme Drain Cleaner with other Enzyme Drain Cleaner, it has fewer features but is easy to use and best-in-class service. 

It can easily liquify complex organic proteins, pet smells, and stains. It is totally Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-acidic, and non-caustic. However, if this is your first time and you want a great experience, look no further than AmazonC’s commercial enzyme drain cleaner.

 HELIX Enzyme Drain Cleaner Powder

Helix Enzyme Drain Cleaner Powder is relatively new and late on the market, but surprisingly, it surpasses Stoneware’s Black Diamond Enzyme Drain Cleaner on the market longer than anyone else. LABOR HELIX, INC. Enzyme Drain Cleansing Powder offers the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. 

It contains 100% Natural Bacteria and Enzymes that can easily blast away clog. It uses microbes for cleaning which makes it environmentally friendly. Also, these microbes prevent your pipes from damaging.

Due to its market penetration pricing strategy, it really appeared in Enzyme’s Drain Cleaner 2024 review. If you have an enzyme-releasing cleaner and one of a high-quality enzyme-releasing cleaner, it’s much more expensive than HELIX LABORATORIES, INC. Enzyme waste powder. 

 Black Diamond Stoneworks Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Stoneworks Black Diamond Enzyme Drain Cleaner is another product that belongs to Best X in the Silver category. This is the most advertised product and you can see it almost everywhere. Previously, Black Diamond’s parent company, Stoneworks Enzyme Drain Cleaner, decided to launch a new series of Enzyme Drain Cleaners, and this is what brought them back to life. 

This cleaner is especially for greasy clogs it can break all types of hardened grease. It can eliminate all types of offensive odor and provide you a safer cleaning experience. Stoneworks Enzyme Black Diamond Drain Cleaner is recently updated to match the current style and market changes, and the best part is the Enzyme Black Diamond Black works as the waterless cleaner.

 Coodoo Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Enzyme’s Cozymoo Drainage Cleaner has long been in the top 10. In terms of customer satisfaction and user-friendliness, Cozyoo’s Enzyme Drainage Cleaner outperforms consumers. At one time, most of the Coodoo Enzyme Drainage Cleaner buyers had no other use, but the features and performance were very limited.

It uses natural biodegradable for cleaning that makes it safer for use. It can unclog your drain efficiently without harming your pipes. The only reason for brand loyalty is ease of use. This product is highlighted in the Enzyme 2024 Drain Cleaner review and not only increases your user base, it definitely won’t lose. There is little human migration from enzymatic sewage treatment plants to other enzymatic sewage treatment plants.

 Earthworm Enzyme Based Drain Cleaner

The Earthworm Enzyme Drain Cleaner is the centerpiece of quality and price. This drain cleaner is efficient for all slow-running drains, sinks, or pipes. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemical that makes it safer for your drainage system. It leaves a Citrus & sage fragrance, keeping your drains smelling fresh. It removes all types of build-up and helps stop clogs to re-run.

Earthworm Enzyme Drain Cleaner offers better features than 70% of the Enzyme Drain Cleaner on the market today. Earthworm Enzyme Drainage Cleaner is our personal favorite and was voted the most popular in 2024 Best Enzyme Drainage Cleaners-TOP Picks. This year he will be returning to this list.

BioFresh – Enzyme Drain Cleaner & Odor Eliminator

So, the Last enzyme cleaner on the list is BioFresh-enzyme sewage and odor eliminator. It is also a very good choice for stinky drains. It contains a Super concentrated formula especially to eliminate odor.If you’re looking for the best enzyme drain cleaner for under $100, we recommend this cleaner.

This Drain Cleaner can destroy all types of odors and leave a mild fragrance. It can clean all waste material from drains with its powerful natural enzymes. It is really very safe for the environment and Septic Systems.

Final Verdict

The most important thing is to remember what you threw into the drain, it will help you in deciding the best drain cleaner. Stretching can cause major problems, so don’t pour oil into the sink. The same goes for materials such as cement or sealant. It is also a good idea to install a hair trap in your bathtub to prevent your pipes from tangled hairs.

So if you want to buy a good Enzyme Drainage Cleaner, you should have to research it first. This is very difficult for anyone before making a final purchase decision. Also, the most important thing to remember is that you need to take precautions when handling in drains because these simple enzyme-based cleaners also contain some acidic stuff that gets reacted during the process. 


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