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8 Best Shower Pan & Base Options in 2024

You will still need to have a high-quality and durable Shower pan, regardless of whether you are designing a brand new bathroom or remodeling your current tub. This structure, also known as a shower frame, is the basis of the shower. The lifetime and durability of your bathroom furniture depend as we all know on a strong base.

If you do not choose the correct shower pan, leaks, damage, and other frustrating hazards can result. There’s nothing worse than building a bathroom to discover out the next time you shower you have water around the bathroom (1).

But how do you know the best bathroom for you? In the market, there are many available options but the solutions out there are still frustrating to choose between them. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you pick and make a comfortable and enjoyable showering experience. Here is everything you need to know about the best shower toilet for any shower – regardless of style, area size, and shape, or budget.

What’s A Shower Pan?

You might be thinking about what exactly a shower Pan is. The main thing about your shower is that water goes down the drain instead of all over your surface. You might wonder if you saw a normal shower if the shower has a pan.  Particularly if all you see is a tiled floor. The shower pan is below the tile. And if you plan to put tile or stone in your shower floor, you will need a cup of the shower to make a water drain if you have cracks or chips in the tile floor. These shower pans or also called Shower Base are made of different materials and can be modeled or shaped to make whatever you like.

Best Shower Pan to Buy

DreamLine Shower Base

This has a regular 2-3/4 inch curvature height. The internal measurements are 48 cm wide and 36 cm deep. The shower pan is built for a rough-in, i.e. the shower pan is placed opposite the open crests of your shower.

The shower has a drain of 2-inch to accommodate any ordinary 2-inch drain. The drainage core is between the left and the right. From the front to the back, the drain is just 15 inches away from the back. This bathroom shower does not have a drainage kit, so you have to buy one individually. The shower is made of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic (2) and is finished in white. It is pre-sloped so that you can open or complete it anyway.

Features and Specification

  • Type of drain: Regular fits with 2-inch drains of compression.
  • Position of drain: oriented width, 15 inches from behind.
  • Subject: Acrylic enhanced by fiberglass.
  • White Finish.

Swanstone Veritek Shower Base

This Swanstone shower base is meant to fit into your existing bathroom without any recharge. You can quickly and without any hassle install a right drain that matches a regular drain located where the old tube is the right to drain.

This shower base has an internal dimension of 60″ by 32″ deep. The curb is less than 4.5 centimeters high. The basis is pre-hanging, so if you plan to refine it with a tile base you do not have to worry about building it up. A textured rock surface for slip resistance has a pre-finished foundation.

Features and Specification

  • Dimensions: 60(W) x 32(D) centimetres.
  • Height of the curb: 4-3/8 PO.
  • Type of drain: Regular fits with 2-inch drains of compression.
  • Right-hand drain rental.
  • Material: Veritek not porous.
  • Bone Finish

BestBath Shower Pan

This shower pan consists of 5-layer lamination with a scratch-resistant Gelcoat for each composite shower pan. Furthermore, the bathroom has a waterproof seal with a stain-resistant coating. The inside of the bowl has a height of 30 inches and a curvature of 6-inch.

The drain is in the exact center of the shower pan and is suitable for a normal drain. The drainage kit is not included and should be bought individually. This shower pan has a weight of approx. 50 pounds. The low weight is due mainly to the design of the shower pan in acrylic and fiberglass.

Features and Specification

  • Dimensions: 30(W) x 30(D)”
  • Curb Height: 6″
  • Type of drain: regular fits. Drains for 2-inch compression
  • Location of drain: centered
  • Material: Gelcoat enhanced acrylic fiberglass
  • White Finish

KOHLER 9026-0 Purist

This iron cast shower cup comes from Kohler, one of the bathroom fixtures’ leading brands. It provides a simple finish in white enamel with a slip-resistant finish at the base over cast iron. This cast iron shower pan has internal dimensions of 48 by 36 inches. Chip, crack and burn resistance are the extra thick enamel.

The height of the curb on this shower is around 4 inches. Drain from left to right in the middle of the plate. It’s also almost deeply focused on the inside of the bathroom, measuring 17″ from the back versus 18″ Due to the cast iron, the weight of the shower base is 175 pounds.

Features and Specification

  • Dimensions: 38(W) x 36(D)”
  • Height of curb: 4 cm
  • Type of drain: regular fits. Drains for 2-inch compression
  • Location of drain: centered
  • Material: Cast Iron Enameled
  • White Finish

ProFlo Shower Pan

This shower pan is intended for a standalone, circular, 32-inch indoor shower. The curb is six inches high on this shower base. The pan consists of a single-piece molded acrylic building with fiberglass armor for more toughness. The shower comes in a white color pre-pitched and done. The bottom has a slip-resistant base, which also offers stain resistance.

The drain is in the middle of the bathroom and is built to fit a regular 2-inch shower drain. The drainage kit is not included and should be bought individually. The overall weight is 29 pounds for the bathroom.

Features and Specification

  • Size: 32(W) x 32(D)”
  • Curb Height: 6″
  • Type of drain: regular fits. Drains for 2-inch compression
  • Location of drain: centered
  • Material: Composite enhanced
  • White Finish

Tile Redi USA Base’N

The shower base analysis is provided with a left-side bench shape. The bench shape is not endorsed and requires a sturdy sitting surface to be set up. The bath area measures 48 x 36 cm and the sitting area additionally adds 12 cm of width. The drain is on the right and is a French drain (3). This drain design is a trench drain that drains to a regular 2-inch drain.

The bathroom is unfinished and has tiles or stones to be finished. The shower pan does not pitch 3 or 4 as with a normal drain in one direction due to the trench drain. Lace an acrylic bath that already exists and has been removed. You may use bigger tiles or stones without thinking about cracking or leaking. The total size of the shower pot with the seat is intended to replace an existing removed acrylic bath.

Features and Specification

  • Dimensions: 38(W) x 36(D)”
  • Size of bench: 32(D) x 12(W) x 17(H”
  • Height curb: 4-1/2 cm.
  • Type of drain: French drain location: right-hand drain
  • Material: Strengthened acrylic fiberglass
  • Finish: Uncompleted and ready for tile

Schluter Kerdi Wall Line

This shower bowl is made of polystyrene for extra durability and longevity by a shower pan produced by Schluter. It is inclined and comes with a membrane, which is already mounted and has the ability to be waterproof. There is a cut-out on the side, which allows you to insert your bathroom drain and it can be cut into any form or size.

Since this shower pot has an incline, it can be conducted during a weekend as a simple DIY project. The simple installation makes it the perfect bathroom for a DIY or home improvement junkie. It is available as a 55″ by 55″ standard, but all you have to do is cut the edges when you need a smaller size.

Features and Specification

  • Superior drainage system for the prevention of leaks.
  • The fiber of polystyrene improves strength and longevity.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Available in lengths between 20″ and 48″ (50 cm – 120 cm).

Kerdi Shower St Shower Tray

The Schulter Kerdi Douching Pan offers you many ways of arranging your tub. The drainage system (4) is excellent. The videos and CDs included are simple to mount. This shower pan will make your bathroom look more spacious – as well as more stylish and clean, a lightweight and robust substitute for your older, large bathroom.

A precut membrane for the base of your tub is on the shower tray. You simply have the membrane to the base of the membrane and then a thin mortar to the membrane. Depending on your requirements, you can expand this base to 32 x 66. It has a drainage outlet off-center, which makes it easier to drain water from each side.

Features and Specification

  • Light extended content of polystyrene
  • With a simple instruction manual and a CD easy to mount.
  • The drainage system lowers wall and floor water

Summing Up

When you renovate or create a new bathroom, the showers are an important part of the design. And that means shopping and finding the best for your needs. Hopefully, you have a great starting point and a clear idea of what you should be looking for with this Review Article for the different shower pan.


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