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9 Best Walk in Tub Shower Combination in 2024

Are you looking for a bathtub with a shower combo? The best walk-in tubs are not only functional but offer many benefits.

A walk-in tub is perfect for people who find it difficult to get in and out of the bath. It is also great for those with mobility issues or an injury that prevents them from lifting their legs high enough to step into a regular bathtub. Most models can be installed in any bathroom (1), no matter the size!

Maax 105815-L-000-001 Soaking Bathtub

Give your bath a whole new sense of luxury with this rectangle soaking tub. With dimensions 59.75-inches long by 30-inches wide and 18.375-inch high, you’ll notice the extra room for all your creative little soaks and showers to come!

MAAX creative designs give you different styles: Rubix, Cabana, and Reticule getting creativity flowing right out of your surface! Holster click installation keeps this top-quality product together through bath after a bath without any fumbling around just figure skating between them!

ANZZI Left Drain Soaking Walk-In Bathtub

This classy bathtub is one that just can’t be found in most houses. This ANZZI bathtub has a sleek and sophisticated look for those with modern taste.

The tub itself is 51 x 28 inches, making this the perfect place to soak, but it also comes with a front-discharge massage sprayer or waterfall water faucets with jets for greater relaxation.

Step-Through Tub-to-Shower Conversion Kit

Stop settling and get the shower experience you deserve! The Step-Through Tub-to-Shower Conversion Kit is everything you need to convert that clunky, boring ol’ bathtub into a lightening fast tub-to-shower. Experience it for yourself with this cost-effective installation process that will have your bathing woes solved in no time!

This showerhead is available for an amazing discount of over 50 percent! That’s right, less than 20 bucks will get you this full-fledged tub to shower conversion kit with an adjustable arm that can reach up to 60 inches.

This product has a high average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by customers who have bought it.

American Standard 3060.109.CRW Gelcoat Whirlpool and Air Spa

The Premium Series American Standard Gelcoat walk-in tub is the perfect choice for families with large space needs.

With both a spa and whirlpool system, this model offers combination massage options like bubble jets, direct water cascades, and air-jet therapy to help it offer soothing relief from any aches or pains while also boosting energy levels.

The easy-access design helps make getting in and out easier than ever before because of its extra-wide door opening. The 3-inch thick therapeutic acrylic Gelcoat provides superior insulation that will keep both you and your guests warm on cool winter days as well as cool on steamy summer nights!

It features Hydrotherapy systems that let you adjust jet intensities (upper left control) according to your personal preference.

VAXV Shower and Bathtub Walk-In Ramp

The VAXV walk-in bathtub is a great addition to anyone’s home, but for those with limited mobility, this product can be a lifesaver.

This model includes many features like slip resistance flooring that drains water toward the center of the bath; a hand-held shower head and a 1.5-inch bath step for easier entry and exit; and an extra-wide walk-through design with a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds.

Meditub MTSI3060LWS Walk-In Bathtub

The Meditub MTSI3060LWS Walk-In Tub is designed for people with mobility issues, impaired balance, and other ailments that make bathing too difficult.

Let the pressure off your back by laying back comfortably in this high-quality walk-in bathtub. This tub has safety features like a non-slip floor with proprietary texture to prevent bathers from falling when entering and exiting the unit; an ergonomic headrest pillow for comfort and stability allows bathers to sit up or lay back which helps them relax their body more easily.

Your watertight door system swings inward on one side of the wall (left), making it easier to access the bathtub than ever before. The polished tiled interior dries quickly and is easy to keep clean.

Empava Whirlpool Walk-in Bathtub

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stop indulging. What better way to prolong warmer weather than with a blissful bath? The perfect place for soaking, spa time, or bathing, the Empava Walk-in Bathtub will make your daydreams of warm sunshine come true.

With 10 pieces of strategically placed massage jets and convenient slip-resistant flooring, this is sure to be one fantastic soak! Make every night before bed an evening to remember by coming home just in time for tea while lounging in front of the TV.

As if that wasn’t enough relaxation already–a quick water draining system ensures NO messes while making cleanup easy peasy! Prepare yourself now to enjoy long soak-filled nights and exciting bubble baths in this wonderful walk-in tub.

Aerating Bath and Spa Shower Combo

The Aqua Tub ESQ Aerating Bath and Spa/Shower Combo features a classic acrylic design with an eye-catching white finish. This product comes with many convenient features like a corner entry for added safety; a quick-draining floor to reduce any messes; and a standard 90-day warranty.

Radcliffe Trinity Bath and Shower Combo With Air

The Radcliffe Trinity Walk-in Tub and Shower Combo with Air by American Standard are perfect for those who want to combine their bathing and showering experiences into one convenient space-saving product.

This product includes many helpful features like slip-resistant flooring to prevent any accidents from happening; a handheld showerhead for ease of use and comfort; a therapeutic air bathtub with 8 massage jets for ultimate relaxation.

With this Radcliffe Trinity Bath and Shower Combo, you can enjoy the luxury of not having to move from one space to another every time you need to clean your body.


There are many options to choose from when looking for a walk-in tub shower combination. The best option is going to depend on your needs and preferences, so be sure to take the time to review all of your options before making a decision. We hope this article helped you find the perfect solution!


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