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10 Best Plunger for Elongated Toilet in 2024

Believe me or not, every person faces the hassle of toilet clog in his life. But no one wants to talk about it with the view that it may not look good. But who doesn’t go through this issue and look for a better option to unclog their toilet? Actually, we all are in the same boat.

As a fact, we all are hunting for the best toilet cleaner tool that can unclog a toilet easily. However, I was over disturbed by the toilet clog that occurs frequently. Therefore, I took up the challenge and decided to discuss this obligatory yet highly neglected issue. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the research, I didn’t find any satisfactory solution. But I decided not to leave it unsolved as I can’t waste my time frequently by following second-rate unclogging toilet methods. However, after digging deep into this and by spending more than 48 hours I found the best ever solution. For sure it is the best toilet plunger

Lucky you because you don’t have to spend time following second-rate unclogging methods nor do you have to look for unclogging toilet hacks as I have successfully completed my challenge. And I have decided to share my findings with all of you so all of you can take assistance from this best toilet plunger.

For your assistance, I have created a list of the best toilet plunger that differs slightly in their features, shape, and performance. But the core function of all these toilet plungers is to unclog overflowing water and dirt. Along with this, you will also get healthy information on how to use this plunger. But forgetting all this assistance go through the below guide.

How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger:

So if you are wondering how to use this toilet plunger then firstly it’s super easy and you can do it quickly without creating any mess. This whole process is compromised of four simple steps and after that, there will no clogging issue.

  • Firstly, there should be enough water in the flush bowl that needs to be unclogged. The level of water is such that the head of the plunger can easily sink into it. If it is not up to mark then first fill more water in the bowl
  • In the second step, put the plunger down in the flush bowl with the right angle that the plunger fits perfectly over the bowl. Don’t put the plunger in the straight direction otherwise, it will be filled with air instead of water
  • Thirdly, move the plunger handle in the divergent direction that is down and up to unclog the toilet. Make sure that the position of the plunger is not disturbed while moving the plunger handle. The purpose of moving the plunger is to create a force that will unclog the toilet
  • After moving the plunger rightly for a few seconds, flush the toilet and it will be all done

Which is the Best Toilet Plunger?

Finding the best toilet plunger is quite tricky as you have to consider divergent factors. Moreover, there are different types of toilet plungers. Before going on the list of the ten best toilet plungers let’s have a look at the different types of toilet plungers:

Types of Toilet Plunger:

  • Cup Plunger:

Cup plunger also knew as a sink plunger because of its works well on flat surfaces. The handle of the plunger is straight while the head is in a round or cup shape. The material used in the manufacturing head that is a cup of the plunger is rubber because it increases the performance of the plunger and can unclog the particular area while the handle is made of wood to provide solid support to the rubber cup and to create force while pushing the handle up and down.

However, this type of plunger is not suited for the toilet because it is for flat surfaces therefore while choosing the toilet plunger make sure you are not picking the cup plunger.

  • Flange Plunger:

Flange plunger or toilet plunger is one of the best types of plunger because of its manufacturing style. Although it has a cup shape head made of rubber just like a cup plunger the manufacturing style of the cup is slightly different from the cup plunger that is why a flange plunger can be used on any drain. Either it’s a sink or a toilet clog, a toilet flange plunger will work perfectly. But don’t use the same toilet plunger on sinks and flush as it will not be the better option and can create germs.

Thus, if you are looking for a multi-purpose plunger that can work well in sinks, toilets, and tubs then the flange plunger is perfect.

  • Accordion plunger:

Accordion plunger differs in shape, style, use, and manufacturing as compared to toilet and cup plunger. It is made up of hard plastic that requires heavy force to fit the plunger in the right direction and after that pushing it correctly. As a fact, using this plunger is quite tricky. Moreover, as it is made up of hard plastic, it can scratch the surface of the area. But these plunger works well on the toilet so if putting force is not an issue then buy an accordion plunger.

Now after having a deep look into the types of plungers and gathering knowledge that which type of plunger works well for the toilet, you can choose the best toilet plunger for your toilet.

Let’s have a look at the different but best toilet plungers and select the one for your toilet.

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger with Holder

The first on the list of ten best toilet plungers are from simplehuman. The goal of Simplehuman is to make our daily chores easy and simple free from germs to provide a clean lifestyle. Therefore, they have come up with the best toilet plunger with a holder available in different elegant colors. It is specially designed by keeping in mind the need and the requirement of modern toilets.

Distinguish feature of Simplehuman toilet plunger with holder:

  • This best toilet plunger by Simplehuman comes with a cover for covering the head of the plunger. So when not in use you can keep the toilet plunger in the cover
  • It comes with a magnetic collar that keeps the cover and the rod or handle of the plunger together so you can hold both with the plunger handle and the drops of water will not drip on the floor or on you.
  • The cup of the plunger is of rubber that easily gets fit in the flush bowl and the head and the handle works collectively to unclog the toilet efficiently

So, if you have recently shifted into a new house and looking for a modern style toilet plunger that not only works well but also has an elegant look then have this toilet plunger from Simplehuman without any worry.

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush

Toilet plunger by Mr. Clean, as the name says it all the toilet plunger that is designed efficiently to clean the toilet that unclogs the drain especially toilet. This plunger is highly recommended for small houses or toilets where there is not enough space to keep the toilet plunger. Even if you don’t want to place the toilet plunger in the toilet so that your guest will not see it, you can buy this small size toilet plunger. Because you can place it under the sink or on the backside of the flush. Along with this, Mr. Clean toilet plunger is full of a number of features. Let’s have a glimpse of them:

Features of Mr.Clean Turbo plunger and bowl brush:

  • As it is a toilet plunger so it has a bowl or cup shape head made of rubber that makes easy for the people to unclog the toilet
  • By using this toilet plunger you don’t have to push heavy force to unclog the toilet. As little force in the right direction will clean your toilet
  • The quality of rubber is high due to which it’s not only easy to clean the toilet but the usage of high-quality rubber has added in the lifespan of the plunger. This turbo plunger with bowl brush is durable and can work for years

Thus, if you are looking to buy a high-quality plunger that can perform well for a long time span then the toilet plunger from Mr. Clean is what you are searching for. Its blue color has made it perfect for all the toilets. In short, it is best in performance and looks and that is what we all need.

Korky 99- 4A USA Made Toilet Plunger

Korky has introduced a new shape toilet plunger that is known as the best toilet plunger because of its high performance. Once you use this toilet plunger you will not look for any other toilet plunger. The style of the head is such that it fits easily in new and old toilets. The handle of this toilet plunger is not like the above-discussed plungers as it is in T shape.

Superlative features of Korky 99-4A Toilet plunger:

  • The T shaped handle makes it easy for the people to hold the plunger tightly and to push it in the right direction in the bowl. It does not require heavy force nor it makes unclogging the toilet daunting
  • The rubber used in the manufacturing of head or bowl is of a high quality due to which it is durable and will not make scratches on the toilet
  • It is the only toilet plunger that is best suitable for old toilets with a small bowl and new toilets with large bowls. So, doesn’t matter what toilet you have it is best for all

Korky has made life easy by introducing a top-quality toilet plunger. It is made in the USA and works well for all types of toilets. Thus, grab this best toilet plunger and stop worrying about toilet clogging as now it is simple and easy to unclog the toilet.

SurePlunge automatic Toilet Plunger

If you are facing the issue of bad toilet unclogging in some public toilets (1) and need a magical solution then SurePlunge has brought something wonderful for you. SurePlunge has introduced an automatic Toilet Plunger for the bad clogs. This toilet plunger works with Co2 gas that is used to unclog the toilets. Not only this, but it is also entirely a new toilet plunger that is full of quality features.

Distinguish features of SurePlunge automatic Toilet Plunger:

  • This toilet plunger by SurePlunge works with Co2 gas that is passed into the bowl with pressure by pressing the button. By releasing the gas single time the clog will be cleared no matter how bad it is.
  • This automatic toilet plunger is a new addition in the collection of toilet plunger with high performance. It works really well and is durable
  • It is highly recommended for public toilets that are frequently clogged or starts overflowing.

If you are tired of using traditional toilet plungers for unclogging and they are of no benefit then this automatic toilet plunger is perfect for you. It is super easy to use as the clogs get cleared by pressing a single button. So, grab this automatic and best toilet plunger for your toilet

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All Angle Design

Neiko Toilet plunger is exclusively designed for all home and public toilets (2). Either your toilet is old designed or newly designed with a large bowl size, the Neiko plunger will unclog it. Because it has the capacity to unclog all types and sizes of toilets. Moreover, it is high in performance and works effectively, therefore, it is recommended for public toilets. Other than this best toilet plunger comes with some unique features. Have a look at them.

Unique features of Neiko 60166A Toilet plunger:

  • Neiko Toilet plunger cup comes with a distinctive design as compared to other toilet plungers. It a 4 step cup that easily gets itself fit into divergent size toilets
  • It comes with a bacteria-free handle so the hassle that unclogging with toilet plunger may spread germs on the person doing so is no more. Moreover, the aluminum handle is lightweight and provides easy handling of the plunger while pushing it in different directions for unclogging
  • This highly effective and bacteria-free toilet plunger is recommended for public toilets where clogging is a common issue and requires the best toilet plunger to unclog a toilet

As a fact, the Neiko toilet plunger is replacing other toilet plungers because of its unique features. You can use it for public and home toilets, for old and new toilets without any worry. Above all, it comes with a bacteria-free aluminum handle. What else do you need!

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger and Canister

OXO a well-known brand in the household industry introduces OXO Hideaway Toilet Plunger with Canister. It is designed for all those who want to cover their plunger after using it so it will not be visible or it will not touch other household objects. Have a look at the features of the OXO Toilet Plunger.

Features of OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger:

  • This toilet plunger is suitable for all size of toilets. No matter if your toilet is old designed with small bowl OXO toilet plunger will unclog it because of its specific cup design
  • It comes with the Canister that has spring and opens as you take the plunger out of it. After using the toilet plunger place it in the cover and the springs will close automatically
  • The cup of the OXO toilet plunger is designed in a slightly different design that has made it suitable for all toilets even for the low flush

Besides its amazing features, some people are of the view that the rubber of the plunger makes the room or the toilet smelly. However, its feature of unclogging on toilets sizes and placing it under cover has made it one of the most used toilet plungers.

GT Water Products, Inc. MPS4 Mater Plunger

Master Plunger is a multipurpose plunger that can unclog all types of drains. Either it’s a sink, toilet, or floor drain you can use this toilet plunger for unclogging. That is why it is added to the list of the ten best toilet plungers. However, it is designed specifically for sinks and floor drains but its high performance has been tested on toilets clog. Surprisingly it works well and therefore it is being used as a toilet plunger.

Unique features of GT Water Products Master Plunger

  • This plunger is simple and easy to use. Just place it in the bowl or any other drain and push it lightly. It does not require heavy force nor it has a daunting installation process
  • Because of its sturdy design and high manufacturing material it is durable & powerful. Moreover, because of its high power, it works well on different drains for unclogging.
  • This plunger is also used as a toilet plunger because it performs the function of unclogging. But the best thing is that it works well on all type and size of toilets without any trouble and heavy pressure

A master plunger is the all-in-one solution of clogging drains. Because it is being used on all types of drains that as a sink, floor, and toilet. The reason behind its multipurpose functionality is the powerful and durable materials that have made it versatile in nature.

Professional Bellows Accordion Toilet Plunger by Jackson Supplies and hardware

Jackson supplies and hardware has introduced a toilet plunger with an accordion style that requires force to unclog the toilet. The reason for using the accordion style is that it cleans the badly clogged drains easily and within no time just by putting force. Moreover, because of this it is highly recommended for public toilets that need solid and durable toilet plungers and can work for the worst clogs. Along with this, below are the distinguishing features of this toilet plunger.

Superlative features of Accordion Toilet Plunger:

  • This toilet plunger is designed for all toilet sizes. Divergent steps on the cup of the plunger are proof that it will clean all the clogs from different size toilets.
  • It has the power to unclog the stubborn clogs, therefore, it is being used on large scales for public toilets where clogging is frequently and requires a powerful plunger
  • The best part of this plunger is that you can use it as toilet plunger and as sink plunger without spending high money.

No doubt, this accordion toilet plunger is used on a professional level in small homes because of its high performance and friendly budget. You can use it for unclogging different drains because of its step shape cup that fits all drain sizes and types.

Clorox Toilet Plunger

Clorox introduces a quality toilet plunger that is not only superior in performance but comes with an elegant design including plunger and caddy. The white-gray color gives an elegant look and one cannot recognize that it’s a toilet plunger while it’s in a caddy. Because it acts as a cover and covers the head of the plunger in it. Along with this, the cover will also help you to keep your other household objects clean in case the plunger is placed in a bathroom cabinet. Not only this, it offers great features let’s have an eye over them.

Key features of Clorox Toilet plunger:

  • This toilet plunger is perfect for homes that want to unclog their toilets in seconds. As it is super easy to use and does not require any extra time and energy.
  • The plunger cup comes with antimicrobial protection making it free from bacteria and germs. So, you can place it in a caddy in a cabinet with other household objects without any worry.
  • It is highly powerful and solid because of this it is used even in the worst clogs. Moreover, it can be used in public toilets because they required a high quality and durable toilet plunger

Clorox toilet plunger is of next level plunger in performance and design as compared to other plungers. The prime reason is it’s free from bacteria and uses an antimicrobial plunger cup made of rubber. Making sure that it will not make the smell in the room nor it will lower down the performance of the plunger head. So, grab this superior-quality toilet plunger.

Supply Guru SG1976 Heavy Duty Force Cup Rubber Toilet Plunger 

Last but not least toilet plunger in the list of ten best toilet plungers is by Supply Guru. It has introduced a Toilet plunger with a long wooden handle and rubber cup to enhance its performance. Have a look at the supreme quality features of the Supply Guru Toilet plunger.

Superlative features of Supply Guru Toilet plunger:

  • This toilet plunger because of its high durability is recommended not only for home toilets but for public toilets as well. It can unclog stubborn clogs with its high performance within no time.
  • You can use this plunger not only for toilet clogs but for other drains as well. It will clear all the clogs from drains without any hassle
  • It seems the manufacturing team has put great effort while making this toilet plunger. The combination of long wooden handle of 18 inches with rubber cup is perfect for unclogging the worst clogs as well.

As a fact, this toilet plunger is highly flexible and 100 percent solid as it easily fits itself into the flush bowl. Moreover, its position will not be disturbed while putting force on the handle until and unless you have not placed it correctly. In short, if you are looking for a high-quality toilet plunger that is pocket-friendly also then go for a Supply Guru Toilet plunger without wasting any time.

Tips to follow while using the best toilet plunger:

At some points, people will complain that the toilet plunger is not working properly. Here it is important to mention that while buying the toilet plunger you need to consider some key points.

Have a look at the below tips to make the best use of your toilet plunger:

  • Select the right, not the best toilet plunger:

The first and foremost step is to pick the right and the best toilet plunger for your toilet. Remember that there might be different top toilet plungers that are best in their own way but you have to choose the one that is best for your toilet

  • Dig the plunge in the right direction:

The major problem arises at this point because if the angle of the plunger is not right it will be of no use and the clog will remain at its place. Therefore, after placing the plunge in the bowl at a little vertical angle push down and up the plunge in a straight direction. If you are using the plunge in the right direction then it will unclog the toilet with only five to six moves.

  • Enough water in the bowl:

If the water in the bowl is low or moderate level in which the head of the plunger is not sinking then fill more water in the flush bowl. The reason is having low water in the bowl will decrease the performance of the plunge.

Final Words,

To sum up, I have done my work now the ball is in your court. Select the one toilet plunger that can meet your needs from the above listed ten best toilet plungers and get rid of clogging. Keep in mind that all the above-stated toilet plungers are best in their own way, you need to pick the one that proves to be perfect for your toilet.

So, go ahead and choose the one without any hassle!


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