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10 Best Portable Toilets for Camping in 2024

First, we consider ourselves more adventurous. We spend 95% of our time on BLM land, state parks, or campgrounds. There is a bathroom or toilet in almost every place.

If we’re lucky and we can stay on BLM land with nothing nearby, we’ll follow the old “no trace” scout rules. If you need to do a second job, you’ll have to dig a hole 6-8 inches deep and do what you need. Then exit.

On average we are near a real toilet at least once a day. Gas stations, grocery stores, fast-food chains, parks, and tourist centers are full of toilets.

This is where a good portable toilet comes in handy. Whether it’s a simple bucket toilet, a more technologically advanced flush toilet with a container tank, an outdoor toilet, or a simple washing machine, the right device will help you drive without navigating a rest area or fast food toilet. You need the right attitude.

What is a portable toilet?

The portable toilet is an independent portable toilet. This article focuses on portable camping toilets that can be used in vans, cars, motorhomes, and land rigs. There are some similarities, but portable camping toilets differ from cassette toilets permanently installed in a motor house or car.

For better experience and services it’s important to choose the best Portable toilet. It’s quite difficult to buy the same things many times because of its inconvenient service. It’s better to buy a perfect and reliable thing at once. For that, you have to research it before buying it. So to provide you ease here we have a small list of the best Portable Toilet available in 2024.

Best Portable Toilets

Kalencom Potette

First, let’s highlight the elephant in the room. Indeed Potette is a very funny word. However, this version of the children’s portable toilet has become a lifesaver for reviewers, especially on its long journey.

“These small but powerful pots saved us from every trip,” wrote Amazon’s columnist. “It’s much better than going to a gas station or finding a restaurant across the street.”

The toilet can stand on its own in a “sitting position”, and can be attached to a regular exercise toilet by folding the hinged legs back. Designed for children under 50 kg (if used only as a toilet), it is fully foldable and comes in fairly modern color combinations including hot pink and purple.

All Barbie fans. (It may not be more enjoyable to use a portable toilet with bright colors, but let’s do our best.) The toilet has 3 disposable covers, so you may need to buy more. One reviewer said he had succeeded in using plastic bags and toilet diapers instead, but this is a risky effort.

NRS eco-friendly portable Toilet

Exclusionary, who have long been hauling garbage in sealed containers, are far ahead of the pandemic of packaging. The traditional “river track” is a closed bullet that cuts the ridge of your back if you sit for too long.

That’s the name. An option, but with a seat and cleaning hose that you can use at the end of your trip, the Eco-Safe portable toilet is an upgrade.

Some important features include a pad that closes tightly when not in use, and a pressure relief valve to ventilate the box during the day when sunbathing on the back of the boat.

It can explode if clogged. Both prevent overflowing even in class V brown water.

Camco Premium Travel Toilet

Kamco 5.3 liters. Portable toilets are designed for camping, walking, boating, or other recreational activities. The durable polyethylene construction is small and light. 5.3 liters. The collection tank is removable and includes a shutoff valve to prevent odors and prevent leakage. Includes two side locks to attach the water tank to the toilet bowl and a carrying handle for easy carrying. The toilet uses easy-to-use bellows and sliding valves to facilitate flushing. The toilet bowl measures 16.38 inches x 13.75 inches x 16.13 inches and weighs 11.5 kg. empty. Includes TST Camco biodegradable toilet chemical packaging. The total seat width is 13 inches. Seat Dimensions (Tu): 8.5″W x 9″ D.

Complete Cleanwaste Go Anywhere System

Don’t you want the entire national forest to see you when you are the most human and vulnerable? Weird. Making the cataract litter we love, Cleanwaste also sells seat kits, tent covers (available separately for $150), and backpacks to do the whole job. If you’re staying at the same campsite for a few days and want something with a wall, this is a compact, non-frilled option that weighs 18 kg. The seat is 500kg, so it is bomb resistant.

Domestic portable toilet 972

Are you satisfied with the idea of ​​flushing garbage in front of a public landfill? Very good! Thinking games are important at this stage of the plague. The Dometic 972 has two chambers. One holds 8 liters of water to clean the bowl at the touch of a button, the other is a chamber for storing waste (the latter is transported and removed to clean it). It weighs 12 kg when empty, so it needs a bit of foresight to charge and install, so it feels like a home toilet, not the most portable bathroom. And since it is 1 square meter, it is compact enough to fit easily into a car.

Green Elephant Folding Commode

Why don’t you feel comfortable when nature calls and breathes in the fresh air? The Green Elephant Portable Camping Port makes you feel at home!

Make your bathroom less stressful and more fun no matter where you are! Use portable camping toilets for long-distance car rides, construction sites, fishing, hiking, and outdoor activities.

The Comfort Chair weighs only 3.5 kg, is lightweight, stainless steel, durable, and easy to fold for easy storage. Keep one in your car or motor house and be prepared for everything, including road emergencies!

Keep hygiene and cleanliness with KEEP CLEAN IT-collapsible toilet! The sheets are completely covered with plastic bags, so there is no need to clean the trash after each use.

Use it with the new Green Elephant wash bag for a perfect match, but you can get an 8-liter wash bag every time you travel. Suitable for all ages if you have young children, we know that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. However, always be prepared for the unexpected when you have a comfortable chair folding toilet.

Porta Potti Thetford Corp

Thetford Porta Potti 565E is an original and ultimate portable toilet. It features a battery-powered electric flush, an elegant and modern home design, and a comfortable seat height.

Freshwater capacity: 4.0 liters. Sewage Tank: 5.5 liters. An average number of pants: 56. Size: 17.6″ high, 15.2″ wide, 17.7″ deep.

Award-winning luxury portable toilets are suitable for motorboats, boats, trucks, vans, medical, camping, and autonomous living. Design: Elegant, modern, and homely, the Porta Potti Curve features a comfortable seat height, an extra-large bowl, and a battery-powered flush.

The basket is easy to use and clean with an ergonomic carrying handle, integrated toilet paper holder, and tank level indicator.: The portable toilet bowl has no odor and no leakage and has a leak-proof valve and a rotating drain plug, which can empty the wastewater tank without splashing water.

The clamp kit will help hold your portable toilet bowl to the floor and hold it in place while you work.

Chemical camping toilet (cassette)

Cassette toilets (also known as chemical toilets) are common in motorboats. It’s similar to the bathroom at home, and it dumps the trash in the black water tank below. This toilet doesn’t use electricity or batteries, so it’s completely portable and camp-friendly. It is also lightweight and compact, making it suitable for small camping grounds.

Final Verdict

Like everything else in a van’s and camping life, your personal choice plays a big part in the type of toilet you want to use. We decided to use the usual amenities without touching anything, but there are many options for those who want a more home-like experience.

If you decide to use one of the portable camping toilets that use disposable garbage bags, please contact your local garbage manager to learn more about proper garbage management.

Toilet composting, in our opinion, is a great alternative to converting a motorboat or motorboat. Not suitable for camping because it is unbearable and requires electricity and ventilation. However, the compost toilet is environmentally friendly and easy to use after installation.


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