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Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid in 2024

The world is finally returning to protect the environment. This means we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and better retain our resources. The easiest way to do this is to buy a composting toilet. Use less electricity and water, some use no electricity or water at all! Initially, the best composting toilets were available only in motorhomes, small houses, homes, cottages. These days it can also be found in ordinary modern homes. However, to meet this, you will have to change the plumbing.

Toilet composting does the job offline, whether on a boat or in a cabin, living freely in a small house, or wanting to upgrade an old traditional toilet (1) with running water. They drink little or no water and do not need to be connected to the sewer system (2), allowing the natural aerobic decomposition process to take place.

Some are permanently installed outdoors, others are portable, making installation easier and can be moved if needed. Many make their systems using “human” systems (also known as the bucket and sawdust method), but good options are also on the market that offers convenience and less clutter.

Best Available Toilet

Nature’s Head Dry Compost Toilet Bowl

This standalone toilet has stainless steel fittings, a built-in 12-volt pan, and an external hose. It is made in the USA. The stirrer for mixing materials is controlled by a standard handle. Peat or coconut moss is best suited as a filler or substrate for waste management.

Reviewers love that there is no smell here, so it’s great for a boat or RV. Many people say that the liquid needs to be emptied every few days, but solids can disappear within a few months (the company estimates that they use about 60 to 80 times before emptying). These toilets were developed by two skilled sailors in 2007, and the company supports charities such as the Unchained Movement to fight domestic prostitution and the Warrior Homesteads, which provides sustainable housing to veterans. Homeless on farmland.

Outbuilding 9215 Toilet

This toilet has been manufactured in Sweden since 1976 and is a trademark of Treehugger founder Graham Hill at his home in Maui. Separating urine and solid waste reduces odor and workload. When sitting, the net covers the solid waste container and rotates at the same time to distribute the contents evenly. There are also car seats that you can purchase and attach to a baby seat.

Comes with a fan with AC/DC adapter. To facilitate cleaning, you can use a biodegradable bag (in a container). Critics say it looks like a regular toilet because there is no need to add garbage. The company supports projects to improve people’s health in China and Peru.

Sun-Mar Small Electric Compost Toilet

If you are looking for a medium-sized toilet bowl, this low-profile unit is smaller and easier to use than many other models. It is plugged into a standard 110-volt socket and is designed for seasonal use for up to 3 adults or 1 adult at home. Use the handle to rotate and vent the material in the drum chamber on different days of use. You also need to add one cup of dry matter per person per day. Reviewers say customer support isn’t the best, but it’s easy to tackle and solve pollution problems (3) in rural areas.

 Lovely Loo Starter Kit

If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective independent camp solution, this simple option is the answer. No electricity, water, plumbing, ventilation, or chemicals are required. It’s a bucket in a wooden box with a toilet seat. After use, add sawdust to cover the trash. When the container is full, you can add the contents to a perforated container or compost pile. The simple concept of this product has been marketed over the years by humanitarian advocate Joe Jenkins.

Sun-Mar CENTREX 3000 NE (non-electric)

The centralized composting system has a much larger composting system, making it the best solution if you need a large composting toilet. Centrex 3000 is a non-electrical alternative that can be installed in a standalone system without a power supply.

The device is fully assembled and uses a pint per flush (or less) only when in contact with the selected gravity toilet. Unlike many freestanding compost toilet models, the Centrex 3000 can handle 5 adults for residential use or up to 8 adults depending on the season. The frequency of emptying of the device depends on the usage, but the manufacturer says that the central composting system should only be emptied every two months for continuous use and only 1-2 times a year for seasonal use. For those who do not want to empty an independent compost toilet, a central compost toilet system is a good investment.

BioLet 65 Compost Toilet

Made in Sweden, this closed toilet removes the trash from the toilet itself. Yes, it’s expensive but completely automatic. When seated, open the door, close the lid and activate the mixing arm to cut the paper and disperse moisture in the upper chamber. The pan recirculates the hot part under the compost. When too much fluid is detected, the float switch turns on the heat.

The dry material descends into the lower chamber, where the LED indicator light indicates when it should be emptied. The only extra cost is the compost mixture that must be placed in the toilet bowl to speed up the process. Reviewers say it’s profitable if you despise other types of services. It is also designed for families of 4 for permanent use and families of 6 for part-time use.

Separett Villa 9210 DC/AC

The Autonomous Region values ​​Villa Separett as a quality electric compost toilet. Electric fans can easily be powered from a DC source supplied by batteries, solar panels, or wind turbines. Similarly, you can also get an exchange if needed. Villa Separett has unique weight-sensitive seating. As soon as someone feels sitting, he opens an airtight container to dispose of solid waste. At the same time, the waste is rotated to mix the contents. This is of great help in the waste breakdown process. This means that this toilet is the only self-composting toilet we have included. Others require manual control of the handle.

The fact that there are no swivel handles means it is very compact and only 18 inches wide. This is ideal for use in small bathrooms. The 9210 is well designed and easy to use. Emptying the trash can be a downside to these electric composting systems, but this toilet makes it a lot easier. Peel off the toilet floor and close the trash can with a lid.

Envirolet MS10 anhydrous autonomous system

Envirolet is another popular compost toilet owned by Treehugger design editor Lloyd Alter. This versatile design features a wide box for air circulation around the compost. Made in Canada, the unit has two fans to create a large, high-speed airflow and a heater to evaporate the liquid. You don’t need to rotate to blend the content, so there are more hands here than some systems. Its large capacity makes it a good choice for families or large numbers of visitors. It can accommodate up to 8 people per day for holiday use and up to 6 people per day for continuous use.

GT-Sun portable electric waterless toilet bowl

If you’re looking for a portable composting toilet that can be used as almost any private bathroom, check out the Sun-Mar GTG portable electric toilet. This composting toilet is new to the market, but Sun-Mar is one of the leading manufacturers of compost toilets. Simply put, the GTG connects to a 110V socket (with a 240V adapter) and has a liquid/solid separator. Additional mounting brackets are included if you want to make the GTG a more durable duel.

There is no standard composting chamber for a more permanent installation as this composting toilet is designed to be used anywhere. Instead, you should use a hard container to collect, compost, and empty it regularly. However, this model is an upgrade from camping toilet seats, with exhaust fans and fans to help keep odors under control.

Final Verdict

Before using the toilet, it must be prepared with a mixture that accelerates the composting process. For this you can use peat moss or coconut. It’s very cheap to buy, you can buy it in stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and even distribute it through Amazon. The compost mixture must be moistened to keep it moist, but not wet or crumb. Then the mixture should be filled below the level of the handle of the mixer.

And, Caring for this toilet means a few simple things. First, you need to turn the handle every time you add a solid to the container. Mixes waste and moss to aid in the composting process. Other maintenance tasks include monitoring only liquid and solid containers and emptying them regularly. Hopefully, this research will help you in choosing the best for you.


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