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Best Non Slip Bath Mat for Elderly in 2024

Bath mats are something you want to take for granted. Until you first get out of the shower and fall on the cool floor of the slippery bathroom, especially when you are living with seniors or the elderly at your house.

A good bathroom mat prevents you from slipping, puddling, or sneezing due to discomfort when bad feet touch cold tiles. That’s why we thoroughly tested the best bathroom rugs on the market.

A good bathroom mat plays an important role in making the bathroom (1) more lively, hurting your feet, and preventing slipping on wet floors. After 30 hours of researching and testing dozens of rugs and carpets, we chose 9 of our favorites for style, comfort, and functionality.

Everyone should resist multiple items of washing and make the bathroom look more luxurious. Bath mats don’t just make spaces like a spa.

This bathroom accessory has a very practical use as it provides a padded staircase that blocks water from the floor and prevents slipping after a bath or shower. Functional items aren’t always attractive, but you can find sweet spots.

If you’re looking for a soft, cozy rug to stand up when brushing your teeth, or if you’re looking for a thick rug to prevent hair loss after a shower, you’re probably going to bathe every day. very important. Get the best.

Best Bath Mats

Original luxury chenille bath mat from Gorilla Grip

If you are looking for a high-quality, versatile bath mat, check out the Original Chenille Gorilla Grips Bath Mat. This super absorbent bath mat absorbs large amounts of water quickly and efficiently, keeping the floor clean and slippery. For even more protection, the high pile of chenille bath mats has a structured surface that also provides non-slip properties.

With this option, you don’t have to worry about mold and mold growth. This bathroom mat dries very quickly and is resistant to normal machine washing, so it stays hygienic for a long time.

Despite its practical functionality, this bathroom mat has received a lot of style and comfort. Shaved chenille has a very soft cushion under your feet. It is also available in a variety of colors and patterns. It looks better than sterile. It’s hard to find among the most functional bathroom rugs.

Striped Bath Mats from AmazonBasics

This AmazonBasics rug is what you expect. It’s soft enough for your feet, but it’s very thin, so it’s better to use it as a bath after adding a softer rug than a permanent floor covering.

But it’s cheap and has good absorption, so I had to use it during testing to rinse off too much water from the floor. Hang them to dry if necessary, and when dirty, throw them in the washing machine. light.

There is a lot to say about rugs that are more durable than AmazonBasics rugs. This is not a luxurious floor mat. For luxury, try Gorilla Grip rugs or memory foams like Genteel.

However, if the simplicity is cheap and a little awkward, this cotton rug is great. It only has one size (20 x 31) and several muted color options (black, gray, dark blue, and white). A little over $10 is an affordable price.

Flamingo P Memory Bathroom Mat

If you feel that you do not need to take care of such utility items for your home, you will be in luck. There are plenty of decent options at an affordable price point. You can get a great bathroom rug for your lunch price. This memory foam bath mat is a great example of how expensive it can be.

The polyester blend mat features 0.5 inches of premium memory foam for a soft fit on your feet. It also absorbs water effectively, so it won’t become a soft, wet mess that will eventually lead to mold. If there is a victim, it is the size of a rug. It measures 17″ x 24″, which is a bit smaller than the other models on the list. But it’s enough for many. Especially if the bathroom is smaller.

Landslings’ Supima small non-slip mat

If the risk of slipping is low (children or seniors can live at home), the first thing to consider in choosing a bathroom mat with an appropriate rubber floor.

This high-density carpet with latex bag has impressive anti-skid and non-slip features even on tiled floors and smooth stone. It is also very durable. It can be washed over and over again without worrying that all laundry will have a non-slip effect.

Critics say the biggest advantage is the aesthetics of a simple spa atmosphere. Choose from 11 colors and 5 sizes, from white to turquoise. As a big bonus, you can even buy a matching towel for the perfect look that shows your decorating skills.

Modern Momentum Premium Home Bathroom Rug

It was moderately fluffy and dried a little faster than our victory mat, but it was much less absorbent and was about twice as expensive. It is still a good choice, especially if you want your carpet to dry faster. The short drying time is because it does not absorb much water at first.

The rug is made of soft microfiber fur that gives comfort to your feet. Even if you have to dry it on a flat surface or a clothesline, you can safely throw it away in the washing machine. It’s a nice rug and I can’t refuse it, but it costs over $30, so you can get our favorite Gorilla Grip rug for about the same amount.

Laura Ashley Bath Mat

Having a double-sided bathroom mat for your area is a huge advantage because you can increase the time between washing by flipping the mat when it starts to look a little worse due to wear and tear. The backside looks like the front side.

However, these rugs have a decorative haven, with scalloped crocheted edges that look like a home in a nice space like a spa, whether it’s the main bathroom or a guest room.

When it’s finally time to wash, you can put the bath mat in the washing machine. Natural cotton can be washed hundreds of times if you use a mild detergent and no bleach.

DZY Velcro mat

If you are concerned that bathroom mats can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, this mat is an excellent choice. It is made of a special material called diatomaceous earth, or a fossil water material with antimicrobial properties that are very natural and highly absorbent (the watermark dries in less than 2 minutes!). As a result, bacteria and fungi are unlikely to cause odors. It also slides to protect everyone in the house when entering and leaving a shower or bath. Its surface is lightly structured to immerse you in slippery feet.

Bamboo Shower Floor and ToiledTree Bath Mat

If you buy ToiletTree rugs, it’s probably because you are looking for bamboo rugs. If you buy it for no other reason, you will be disappointed. After taking a shower, my feet were slippery, hard, and a little chilly. Do not absorb water that accumulates under the carpet after use. If you don’t remove the water, the water will form pores on the bamboo surface.

But if you’re looking for a specially designed bamboo mat, you know it won’t work with a single fabric. I can’t deny that this rug made my bathroom look like a spa.

But I prefer the softer, but you! The rug can probably be used inside the shower room rather than outside, but according to some reviews on Amazon, the wood will eventually start to rot, so keep the rug secure for use after the shower.

Anji Mountain Bamboo Natural Bath Mat

Made from 100% bamboo, it is a very versatile alternative to use in your shower and bath. (It can also be used in an outdoor shower or as a landing area outside the hot tub or swimming pool stairs.)

Wherever you use it, it has features. It absorbs water well to keep the floor dry and prevents it from slipping or falling. However, natural wood does not hold this water. It dries quickly to prevent the growth of mold, mold, or odor-causing bacteria.

Final Verdict-What to look for in a bath mat


When buying a bath mat, you need to consider its use. Some people like cotton bath mats with the same texture as regular towels, while others like things like foam mats that provide more padding but take longer to dry. There are also wooden bath mats that do not absorb any water.


Bathroom rugs come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to measure your space before buying. Smaller options are typically 17 x 24 inches and larger options are 21 x 34 inches. Long and narrow options and round or oval lugs are also available.


You need to choose a bathroom mat that suits your bathroom decor and aesthetics, as well as its size and material. The good news is that there are many colors, patterns, and textures to choose from.


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