Wild Tornado Sink and Drain Cleaner

Wild Tornado Sink and Drain Cleaner Review

Some things are more annoying than slow or irritating drainage (1). The good news is that when cleaning labs at home institutions, the safest first step in getting rid of obstructions is to use the right plumber depending on the location (sink or toilet). For maximum pressure, close the drain hole first, shut off the water supply, and before using the plumber (not after!) to prevent the chemicals from coming back and into your eyes.

If the drain is still stuffy after using a plumber, a chemical cleaner or an enzyme cleaner may help. Other cleaning agents will work depending on the type and severity of the obstruction. Cleaners (2) that operate with slow drainage, for example, may not work for complete obstructions. Chemical sewage cleaners work the fastest but can do more damage. Enzymatic cleaners are slower to stop clogging, but they usually do less damage to your plumbing (or yourself).

So, a drain can be unclogged (3) by using chemical cleaners for drains easily, drain cleaners are available in solid and liquid form and can be purchased at most hardware stores. However, some are intended for use only by experienced professionals. It is usually very acidic.

But two types of chemical cleaners: Acidic or Basic (Alkaline) which are often useful. There is mostly acidic cleaner we see but It’s better to choose an alkaline product

Alkaline Cleaners use a powerful base to break down and dissolve organic barriers. They usually contain alkalis. When the base of the cleaning agent reacts with the organics in the drain, it generates heat, which helps remove grease that has accumulated on the edge of the pipe…

The best Alkaline-based drain cleaner is Wild tornado sink and drains cleaner. It has many features that can liquify any type of dirt from your drain and are much safer than acidic cleaners. Let’s discuss further more deeply about these cleaners.

The disadvantage of Acidic Cleaners

Acidic sewage cleaners are far more dangerous than alkaline sewage cleaners, and should not be used by untrained people as they can cause serious damage and further damage plumbing if used incorrectly. Acid sewage cleaners usually contain a high concentration of sulfuric acid (4). Proteins and fats can be dissolved by hydrolysis, and even high concentration sulfuric acid has a strong dry composition, so the tissue can be easily dissolved in the tube through drying.

According to the manufacturer, violent reactions with water and the formation of explosive hydrogen gas can be dangerous when in contact with most metals. Chronic (delayed) and acute (immediate) health hazards through breathing, ingestion, or contact (including severe burns to the eyes, skin, and skin, even permanent vision loss, respiratory itching, and corrosive burns) all human tissue. Swallowing can be fatal. So, these acidic cleaners are only for professionals because they are the one who knows how to handle them. For common people like me and you, it can be very dangerous to use it because we are not experts.

Why use a Wild Tornado Sink and Drain Cleaner?

Wild Tornado is an alkaline cleaner. Alkaline cleaning combines an alkaline source with a balanced amount of surfactant to create a highly effective metal cleaner. The concentration dissolves in water and usually removes most contaminants along with mechanical stress and temperature. This method is economical and waste disposal is easy.

Cleaning is an important part of the house. The cleaning method may vary depending on the contaminants to be removed, the number of substances involved, the potential need for an automated process, and the overall impact on downstream operations.

Wild Tornado drain and Sink Cleaner specially formulated with a chemical mixture of alkaline salts, wetting, and fumes (chelating agents). They have detergent or cleaning ability to remove contaminants with surfactants and alkaline modifiers. These components remove dust and make it easy to rinse. Solid formulations of strong Wild tornado sewage cleaners in the form of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide particles can provide more effective and efficient ingredients. Some proprietary solid detergents add aluminum flakes that react with the solid hydroxide in water to absorb the caustic mixture.

How to Use a Wild Tornado Cleaner?

First, the most important thing is to pay attention to obstructions in the pipe. If there is water in the barrier, remove the water from the nozzle. Then pour the appropriate amount of product (1 or 2 lids depending on the situation). And wait for a short time. After 1-2 minutes, add hot water. And then again wait for 1 hour. And at last Rinse with plenty of water. If the excavation fails, you can repeat this operation. So, using a Wild Tornado drain cleaner is so easy and it can be handled by anyone.

While handling any chemical cleaner keeps one thing in mind although it’s less harmful…But it is a chemical and always be careful while handling a chemical. Here we have some important points to which you have to pay attention while handling wild Tornado sink and drain cleaner.

  • This product is corrosive to aluminum pipes and plastic pipes. Do not use it.
  • If a hard object such as plastic, metal, cement, wood is blocked, it cannot be removed.
  • When the product reacts with water, keep a distance of 60cm away from it.
  • Do not touch the skin directly or verbally. Keep children away.
  • Do not use trailers and other chemicals before and after using this product.
  • This product will continue to work. Please wait.

What makes Wild Tornado Sink and Drain Cleaner different from others?

A Wild Tornado has many features that make it different from other cleaners. It can dissolve light grease, hair, oil, soapy sludge, and paper products very easily and give you a clean drainage system very quickly. It can be easily used on pipes, toilets, sinks, wash tanks, and other major drains. This Alkaline-based drain cleaner is Made with a non-corrosive safe formula for septic tank systems. This drain cleaner uses a high-density formula that helps it to stick to the pipe and remove the drainage barrier. It is Non-corrosive, fresh, and odorless. It doesn’t release any smell while working making it more convenient to use.

Tips for Using a Drain Cleaner:

While using any chemical drain cleaning some tips you must have to know for better results and also for your safety. So, to use the sewer cleaner safely and efficiently, follow these guidelines:

  • Always read and follow the instructions, stick to a set amount and quiet time. Do not leave the drain cleaner on the drain for longer than the maximum holding time. Chemical cleaners, in particular, can generate enough heat to melt pipes or break porcelain toilet bowls if left too long.
  • Use only corrosive or acid detergents in a well-ventilated area. Turn the exhaust fan or open a window to increase air circulation.
  • When pouring sewage, always stand outside the bathtub or shower.
  • When the drain plug is removed, pour the drain cleaner into the clogged drain as slowly and evenly as possible.
  • When using alkaline detergents, avoid contact with natural stone surfaces (such as granite sinks) around drains to prevent etching. For the same reason, do not allow acidic detergents to come into contact with non-acidic surfaces, such as marble shower floors or stainless steel sinks. Some chemical cleaners recommend applying a thin layer of petrolatum to the metal surface around the drain to prevent paint or damage.
  • Do not mix sewage cleaners with other household or commercial cleaners. Toxic gases or explosions may result from subsequent chemical reactions.
  • Wash the rest of the detergent with water at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

When you want to handle a clogged gutter or plug a clogged pipe at home, It’s better to find a chemical drain cleaner instead of calling a plumber.  Because you know calling a plumber is much more time-consuming and costly. So, it’s better to do it yourself and chemical drain cleaner is the best choice. Chemical cleaners are good for small hair/oil-related impacts but not acidic ones.

Acidic drain cleaner is often cheaper and easier to find than devices. However, damage to the eyes, neck, and lungs (possibly open spaces) can result if proper treatment procedures are not followed. Instead, Alkaline cleaner is much safer but while using it always follows the manufacturer’s instructions when using chemical sewage cleaners. Also do not mix different types of chemical sewage cleaners or other chemicals as they can cause a violent reaction and cause serious injury.


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