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Thrift Drain Cleaner – Is it Really Safe?

Drains can get dirty and sometimes get blocked. Both of these problems can be solved with a good drainpipe cleaner. This substance absorbs and drains the clogging contents, restoring flow to the sewer system (1). Unfortunately, some sewer cleaners don’t do this very well.

Using a chemical-free cleaner is more convenient because these sewage cleaners are safer than toxic chemical cleaners. Synthetic cleaning products contain sodium hydroxide (2) or sulfuric acid (3). These harsh chemicals will corrode your pipes over time. Eventually, they will cause more problems because they will screw up the plumbing. Before repairing slow drains and small clogs, you need to have the best cleaner.

Chemical-free cleaning products are safer, easier to assemble, and also are very economical. In most cases, it protects the environment by avoiding harsh industrial sewage treatment operations. Wondering that this type of cleaning product ever exists?-Yes Thrift drain cleaners have all these qualities we are talking about.

Thrift drain cleaner is an acid-free sewage cleaner. This means you can get rid of any type of clogged drains (4) without using any acidic ingredients. The Thrift cleaner is distinguished in that it offers four cleaning solutions, while other sewage cleaners only solve one or two different problems. Which makes it already different and worthy of others.

A common cause of slow drainage is the buildup of oil, hair, soapy sludge, or bath oil. Most sewage cleaners take 2 to 6 hours (or overnight) to get results. THRIFT dissolves hair and oil in less than 60 seconds!

Hot water activates dry crystals without the smell of THRIFT. Within 60 seconds, the drain is clean even with the hardest drain block. The right pillow is also good for sewer, sump, and septic systems. THRIFT’s non-acid formula won’t damage fine fittings, porcelain, chrome surfaces, polished brass, plastic, or metal pipes. Let’s discuss deeply on thrift cleaners working quality and features.

Why Do You Need the Thrift Drain Cleaner?

A blockage is inevitable. Human activity is primarily designed to generate this type of waste that weakens the functioning of the pipeline system. Can’t stop or prevent clogging. Hair falls out every time we take a shower. This is especially a problem if you live in a family with multiple women. But even if you don’t have a problem with your hair, taking a bath may include soap, shampoo, or some kind of cleanser.

Lighting and bath oil are common causes of clogging. The same goes for the fat that flows down the sink every time you wash the dishes after a delicious lunch. Over time, all the oily, sticky hair, and bath oils build up and create clogs. It is difficult to miss the symptoms. You can see that the water in the sink drains more slowly than usual and regularly spits out food debris. If the situation worsens without action, the drain will not work completely.

Now that this is happening, people are quickly turning into plumbers who waste time opening all the pipes and starting the drainage kite and it’s also a very costly process. If you thought about choosing chemical-based cleaner they may damage your pipes. Chemical-free cleaners like the Thrift usually get rid of this mess without any chemicals. If you don’t like the mess that comes with cleaning, you can pour the drain cleaner into the pipe, drain it, and then sit back and wait while he does all the work. This sounds like a lazy attitude to the problem, but it works. No technical knowledge of piping is required. Thrift cleaner is very easy to use and this drain cleaner can be used by anyone.

What Does the Thrift Drain Cleaner Work?

The Thrift drain cleaner comes in a 6kg bottle filled with odorless dry crystal. To use the cleaner, pour the crystal into the drain and fill it with warm water. Hot water activates the crystals, and the crystals thin out all the hair and fat that clog the drains. It’s really simple. No special drain coil is required, and no plumber to hire to disassemble and relocate the plumbing.

What Makes the Thrift Drain Cleaner so Special?

As mentioned above, sewer cleaners are not new. You can find it in most local stores in your area or can by over Amazon too. So what makes the Thrift so special? Well, the biggest difference between this cleaner and the other ones is its effectiveness. Thrift drain cleaner isn’t the only drainage cleaner that can satisfactorily treat hair thinning and oil.

However, most other sewage purifiers get this done within hours and that’s fine. It is not easy to break down organic matter. But this is where the Thrift Drain cleaner shines. It does the job in 60 seconds. You won’t be ridiculed by hesitating this a bit. Most people don’t even believe it.

But sewer cleaning is as efficient as promised. And anyone who has ever used it will say this. The Thrift drain cleaner works very impressively, especially if you have a serious impact. Don’t be surprised if gnawing and complaining break the silence of your home. No need to ask if the product works. Because it works in seconds.

Another thing popup into mind is because the product comes in dry form does it work in bathrooms drain properly. So don’t worry This product works very well so it’s easy to see why some people want to use it in the bathroom. However, the drain cleaner is only used when hot water is supplied. So, even with crystals, there is no way to pour hot water into the toilet bowl. More importantly, the packaging can warn against toilet use and rejection of detergent. That said, if you have plumbing experience and can afford to flush your toilet water, the T-600 Thrift may be for you.

Advantages you can get with Thrift

Thrift drain cleaners come with many benefits, Here are some important benefits you can get with a thrift drain cleaner to know the efficiency of the product.

  • There are many sewage purifiers on the market suitable for sewage, grease traps, septic systems, or drains. However, this product covers all four areas. Other sewage cleaners are rarely versatile in all four areas.
  • The cleaner runs too fast. You can expect results in 60 seconds. It is different from other products that take several hours to complete.
  • Despite its effectiveness as a drainage cleaner that corrodes hair and grease, Thrift only works with organic materials. Do not eat acrylic, fiberglass, or other sensitive ingredients. Therefore, it can be used without problems in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The drain cleaner does not interfere. Many other sewage cleaners emit dangerous fumes but do not even smell specific. Therefore, it can be used without hassle in hospitals, schools, etc.
  • This product is very easy to use. Pour the crystals and add warm water.
  • The crystalline form makes it safer to use the drain.
  • Its non-acidic formula makes it non-harming to our health.
  • Thrift cleaners are environmentally friendly because of its no-fuming and non-acidic nature.

The things which come up with many benefits will have some disadvantages too. Like a good reviewer, it’s our responsibility to tell you the negative points of the product also that you have to be on the lookout while buying or using it. Let’s discuss some important things of concern while handling or buying a Thrift Cleaner.

Disadvantages of Thrift cleaner

  • Sewerage is quite expensive as compared to other cleaners but according to its work, it’s worthy.
  • It should be less harmful, but sometimes the drain cleaner still releases toxic fumes when used too much. If you get too close to the drain, the vapors irritate your eyes and nose.

So an important thing to keep in mind while using this drain cleaner is not to get too close to it because if you use too much of it, the cleaner can produce some fumes which may affect your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays maybe you can get hundreds of cleaners but choosing the best for you is so important. There are probably not many sewage cleaners available on the market in crystal form. You only need hot water to activate, and you can liquify your hair and oil in 60 seconds without damaging the polished brass, porcelain, and chrome finishes. Even plastic pipes than metal will not get damaged. Its non-acidic formula makes it most safer for your pipes and health Using any type of drain cleaner safety is important. Always takes precautions while handling a cleaner.


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