Professor Amos Superfast Drain Cleaner

Professor Amos Superfast Drain Cleaner [Detailed Review]

A clean and clear drain is what we all want in our house. It not only improves the water flow but also helps to keep the air clean and odorless. When it comes to drain cleaning, we can find a variety of products in the market, all performing great with the abilities they have.

Most common plumbing issues:

There are many plumbing issues faced by people, the following being the most common:

1.   Clogged pipes:

Clogged pipes are the main cause of the accumulation of bacteria. It also produces unpleasant odors in the kitchen and bathrooms.

2.   Restricted water flow:

Nobody wants to stand in bathwater backing up from the drain in the shower or tub. Water backs up in the shower or sinks and cause problems as it restricts the water flow.

3.   Heat buildup:

The heat is generated at room temperatures that compounds drain blockage.

4.   Heavy items in the drain:

Sometimes hard and solid objects in the kitchen sink or drain causes the drain to block, resulting in reduced water flow.

What items cause drains to clog?

Many items can cause drains to clog and results in the blockage of the drain and accumulation of bacteria. The common items are soap scum, shaving cream, toothpaste, cosmetic residues, oils, grease, pet and human hair, animal fat, and other heavy items that might get into the drain.

Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner review:

When it comes to cleaning and clearing the drains, we could find only one product that could stand out from all others.

Professor Amos Superfast Drain Cleaner is a safe to use, fast, and effective drain cleaner that efficiently clears clogged drains in a few minutes. Seeing this effectiveness, we have decided to review the Professor Amos Drain Cleaner.

How does it work?

Professor Amos is the only drain cleaner in America that dissolves human and pet hair in the drain. It works to break down the bacteria buildup and other particles that clog the drain.

What organic compounds does it contain?

  • The product efficiently dissolves food particles, hair, grease, and oil.
  • It breaks down the clogs in the drain
  • All the particles in the clogged drain are reduced to foam
  • The drains become clean and clear as no bulky residues are left in them
  • The bacteria buildup and drain flies are removed which causes an unpleasant odor.
  • It also removes the sediment and helps keep the drains clear.

Is Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner safe?

Yes, the Professor Amos Superfast Drain cleaner is safe to use as it does not contain any caustic ingredients or strong chemicals that cause chemical fumes. Also, it is free from bleach, ammonia, and acids.

Significant features of the product:

·         Easy to use:

The Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner quickly clears and cleans the clogged drains in less than 15 minutes.

  • It works almost instantly.
  • It makes the basic plumbing issues easy to overcome and reduces the hassle to call out a plumber every time.
  • It easily cleans the clogged drains.
  • You just have to pour the required amount in the drain and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Flush with hot water. There is no need to plunge the drain.
  • No need for snakes.

·         Functionality:

Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner has a fast cleaning action. It quickly dissolves any kind of organic material in the drain. It is activated with hot water to dissolve matter. Unlike other drain cleaners, it dissolves the bacteria and deodorizes the drain in a few minutes.

·         Versatility:

Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner is very functional and can be used in any area around the house. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry tubs, floor drains, basement drains, and guest room. It can also be used on commercial scales like salons, hospitals, restaurants, barbershops, hotels, apartments, pet grooming parlors, etc.

·         Economical:

Although Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner is costly than the other drain cleaners in the market, it offers a lot of benefits that make it worth the price.

It requires no maintenance costs or plumber’s fees. It is a multi-purpose cleaner and can be used anywhere in the house. A single pack of it can go a long way as only 6-8 ounces are used per application. It removes any grease or oil from the drain, deodorizes it, and makes the drain clean and clear for fast water flow.

Can I use Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner in septic tanks?

Yes, Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner is safe to use in septic tanks as well as in public sewage systems and cesspools.

The septic tank is the central area of the drainage system as it collects all the waste from the kitchen, bathrooms, and the laundry. It separates the wastewater from solid waste. The wastewater is stored until the solid items like hair, grease, oils, etc. settle down. However, you will need to clean the septic tank from time to time as the buildup can cause blockages. If the septic tank is not cleaned and the buildup keeps accumulating, it will lead to the wastewater backing up into the plumbing system.


Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner requires an easy application. Just pour it into the septic tank to break down the buildup. To keep the tank flowing freely, you should use it at least once per month.

Can I use this product non all kinds of plumbing?

You can use the Professor Amos drain cleaner on various types of plumbing materials. It is safe to use with copper, PVC pipes, and other plumbing materials.

Is Professor Amos drain cleaner safe to use with garbage disposal and dishwasher?

We would not recommend you to use this product with a dishwasher or garbage disposal as it is not safe for it. Instead, we will recommend you to use Microbial Preventive Maintenance Powder. This powder is safe to use and will keep the drains in the dishwasher and washing machines clean.

Precautions to take:

Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner is a safe option for cleaning purposes as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Still, it is recommended to follow the guidelines and use it only as directed to avoid any problems. Also, make sure to not mix the product with any chemicals or bleaches.

Buying Guide:

Professor Amos cleaners are available in a wide range of products that can efficiently do any household cleaning job.

  • You should choose a cleaner that will suit your plumbing system. Many cleaners are available in the market. The choice depends on your plumbing system and your requirement.
  • Besides all other cleaning products, Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner is a one-stop-shop for cleaning and clearing the bacteria buildup in clogged drains.
  • If you want a cleaner for dishwashers and garbage disposals, try using Microbial Preventive Maintenance Powder. It will give the desired results.


  • It is economical and multi-purpose
  • Improves the water flow by clearing the drains
  • You don’t need to call a plumber as it cleans perfectly and works quickly
  • This authentic product matched the advertisements
  • It is cost-competitive


  • Some customer claimed that they had to use in multiple times for better results
  • It is expensive than other cleaners
  • It is cost restrictive


Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner is one of the best drain cleaners in the market. It works powerfully and easily breaks down any messy, gooey, and smelly gunk in the drainage system. It is also multi-purpose, meaning that you can use it all around the house in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, floor drains, and laundry. It takes all the messy plumbing work out of clearing the drains and you won’t have to call the plumber regularly for maintenance. Its application is simple and easy. A hot water flush is all you need to keep the drains clear and clean in just a few minutes.


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