Elongated Toilet Explained, What are Elongated Toilet Dimensions? Learn here!

An elongated toilet has a longer front end of the toilet, as the name indicates. It’s oval/egg-shaped to provide more space at the front of the wash set.

Many people like elongated toilets due to their numerous advantages, but some individuals are unfamiliar with their meaning.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to learn everything there is to know about an elongated toilet.

What is an Elongated Toilet?

Elongated toilets

The bowl of an elongated toilet is defined as one with a wider bowl and a longer front section. They may be up to 18.5 inches long from the rear bolt holes to the front tip of the toilet.

A toilet of this sort will have a similar toilet seat and lid to fully cover the toilet’s egg-shaped bowl. The specified size, on the other hand, is only an estimate; you may receive different dimensions.

Elongated Toilet Dimensions (size)

Elongated Toilet Dimensions

The outside length of an elongated toilet is defined by the back post to the sharpest edge of the front. They can range between 31 and 32 inches from the wall to the front – that’s for a normal-height toilet.

The toilet seat will be two inches longer than the rounded toilets, measuring 18.5 inches long.

There are a variety of small compact elongated toilets available to fit tiny or restricted bathroom areas, but they all have an oval form. A two-piece elongated toilet, on the other hand, would be taller than a one-piece model.

Why Would I want an Elongated Toilet Bowl?

Following the design that attracts a lot of people, you may want an elongated for the following reason.

If you have a large bathroom.

If you have some extra money to spend on a toilet remodel,

If you have big people or adults, especially tall men, the elongated versions are ideal. They’re more comfortable and the bowl shape offers more area.

Men like having a shallower bowl, which helps to prevent splashback, in addition to a slope toward the back of the toilet. One can minimize the spread of infectious diseases by not constantly touching the seat ring or beneath the rim.

If you want a design with a hand room either at the front or back, here are a few examples to consider.

You might not need them if you have a small family and little bathroom space.

Unique Features:

Because of its form and bowl design, the elongated toilet has several distinct characteristics. Here are a few of the typical features you can anticipate;

1. Toilet Style

One-piece elongated toilets are the most common. It not only looks good because of its seamless form, but it’s also simpler to use and install, especially in larger or broader rooms.

One-piece toilets are also typically more hygienic since there are fewer locations for dirt, mildew, mold, and grime to hide. Unfortunately, one-piece toilets are generally more expensive than two-piece toilets. 

2. Usage of Water

Elongated toilet seats have better water efficiency.

One full water flush will clear anything that may be clogging the system. They require about 1.6 gallons of water for each water flush, enough to clean out any debris in your pipes. This is an important feature since it tends to use less water, resulting in lower utility costs.

3. Measurements

Larger areas, such as city apartments and rural houses, will require different measures. However, because of its basic in measurements, this sort of bowl design easily fits restricted and little places.

A rough-in is the distance between the wall of a toilet and the centerline of the post home or drainage pipes that run toward the floor. Because it’s smaller, it’s more compact, therefore better for your little room.

4. Durability

The elongation of the cross-section is not essential for this feature, since it derives from the construction.

Elongated toilets, on the other hand, are more beautiful aesthetically owing to the way they have been manufactured from sleek and shingle porcelain with a layer of vitreous China and enamel. This not only gives it a sheen but also extends the toilet’s longevity by up to ten years.

5. Flush Type and Performance

The second factor to consider is the flushing system’s performance, which is determined by the material of the trap.

One of the most fascinating aspects about the elongated toilet is that it may be fitted with a variety of flushing systems to best meet your needs and preferences. It might, for example, have;

  • A gravity flush is a standard flush in which the water released from the tank is forced down into the bowl to cleanse waste.
  • A toilet usually has only one of these two methods. A liquid dispenser may be controlled by adjusting the valve at the bottom; a lever or handle at the top controls suction. Here are various types of flush systems: The traditional method is to push down on a handle or knob (or simply pull it up) when flushing, while pressure
  • A single-flush toilet uses a slower water flow to save water and minimize wastewater. It can also be used to help the environment by allowing for dual flush capability, as the name implies.

6. Easy Installation

Some homeowners adore elongated toilets because they are considerably easier to install than any other type. For the most part, for the one-piece variety.

They’re accessible as DIY kits, which just require that you install them without the assistance of a plumber. Of course, if you’re willing to forego other related expenditures.

7. Water and Environmental Friendliness

The elongated toilet has a variety of water and environmentally friendly choices. These include:

AquaPiston Technology

They have a unique Kohler-patented technology installed in their elongated toilets known as the AquaPiston flush, which was developed to improve water conservation.

This is where you prefer using a flapper in your old ways; this new innovation circulated water from a 360-degree angle.

This technique is more successful and efficient since there will be no more blockages, thus the flush will be more powerful, saving you money on water.

G-Max Flushing System

Another option is the G-max, which utilizes an extra-wide flush valve and flapper to allow for greater water flow. With no obstructions or blockages, the water may now move faster into the bowl and with more power. A strong siphon jet is also used to guarantee that all waste is removed at once.

Furthermore, water-saving technologies may be increased in scale to E-max elongated toilets with enhanced saving capabilities.

Tornado Flush

This toilet has three siphoned water jets that clean the toilet continually, leaving it more sanitary and easier to maintain.

TOTO’s Victorio is a trademark name for a style of toilet. The TORNADO FLUSH, commonly used by the TOTO brand, has an efficient 360-degree cleaning method that not only eliminates waste with a single lever pull but also cleans effectively with the centrifugal rinsing action due to its smaller size and greater force

Double Cyclone

Last but not least, there is the double cyclone system, which works similarly to a regular flushing system. The water instead of flowing through all 360 nozzles in the bowl passes through only two nozzles instead of two 360 flow nozzles on each side.

The round effect will give it even more power, but it will also be quiet. The finest aspect of it all is that you may just utilize 1.3 gallons of water with each flush.

Pros and Cons of an Elongated Toilet Bowl

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a long toilet.


  • The combined material is easy to keep clean – the front end is more visible since there’s a bigger bowl. Cleaning chemicals will be able to easily reach that area, including your brushes, because of this design. It’ll be hard for stains to get built up.
  • The larger surface area of a elongated toilet seat provides additional coverage for genital regions. For males, the extra space in front will allow them to sit comfortably without their parts brushing against the toilet’s rim or edge of the seat.
  • The elongated chair is built to accommodate bigger or hefty people. While seated on a typical seat, those with wide hips may feel uncomfortable or unbalanced. The elongated, on the other hand, provides a larger seat, so you don’t feel like you’re falling off. This also allows you to unwind as you continue with your day.
  • The availability of alternative toilet designs has increased significantly in recent years. These toilets can be built with a variety of water-saving and environmentally beneficial features. There are several other aqua technologies included, such as powerful flushing systems and more. All with the goal of saving water and avoiding clogs and backups. 


  • The comfort of these toilets makes up for the extra cost. This is due to several additional features, such as a strong double flush and stylish designs. Others.
  • Unfortunately, owing to its length, the elongated toilet may be a good match for your particular area. If you’re not sure about the distance, check the measurements in the parts above.


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