How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger that is Overflowing

Alongside remarkable plumbing, toilet clogs may occur. It’s constantly suggested to have a plunger available for such a crisis. It’s one of the quickest, most straightforward approaches to get rid of a toilet clog. It appears to be a terrifying circumstance to end up with a clog and no plunger.

What risks are there when you experience toilet overflow?

Besides the way that such an event will truly smell up a spot, it will likewise be messy and disgusting, without a doubt. What individuals may not understand is that a clogged-up toilet in your house will carry bacterias with it that can make them ill. Sickness like leptospirosis, tetanus, hepatitis A, and E Coli can emerge out of that overflow.

Another risk that takes place due to toilet overflows that individuals might not understand promptly is slipping mishaps. A damp floor is a savage one to walk over, so assume how dangerous a clingy and greasy one can be. Anybody attempting to walk over such a wreck without the correct footwear to save them from slipping and also to protect their feet from the bacteria-loaded fluid.

Likewise part of the numerous risks that accompany this thing happening is electric shock. Toilet overflows are fluids and combining with electricity having the chance of getting shocked. It might be a smart action to cut off the power supply in regions where the overflow is happening to avert anybody from getting shocked.

Along with all these risks, there is likewise the risk of intoxication from the vapors that originate from this water. At the point when the overflow occurs in a non-ventilation place, you have a possibility of breathing in poisonous gases, and these comprise hydrogen sulfide and methane. These gases are additionally combustible, so you can include the risk of blasts and flames to these hazards, small spark bursts into flames due to these vapors.

Before putting a “Don’t Use” sign and rushing towards a hardware shop or sanitary service, make an effort to unclog the toilet by any household hacks.

Things To Avoid

Do not flush more than once, particularly if the water level is rising. In this case, you don’t have only a clogged toilet but also a dampened restroom floor, pull out the tank cover and submerge on the flapper. It is the rubber piece toward the base. After that, remove the toilet’s water connection by shutting the valve, generally present at the back of the toilet.

Unclogging Toilet Without Plunger:

Luckily, there are a lot of substitute techniques for unclogging.

1.   Hot Water

If there’s very little fluid left in the toilet bowl to start with, pour in a pail or container of hot (not bubbling) water. The force of the hot water should help separate the clogging substances. Houselogic likewise proposes throwing in 1/2 cup of salt before the water.

2.   Dish Soap

No success with water? Give a try at filling the toilet with a strong aiding of dish soap. The elusive substance can separate solids and guide them down the drainage. Give the mixture a little time to do something amazing and move any bodily contents along.

3.   Baking Soda And Vinegar

Mr. Rooter Plumbing validates this method, which includes putting a cup of baking soda and vinegar in a half-filled toilet bowl (either include hot water or scoop some out to arrive at this level). Pour the baking soda first, at that point gradually apply the vinegar to keep the mixture from coming out. Let it splash for around 20 minutes.

4.   Epsom Salt

As indicated by Alpha Plumbing, any shower bombs or Epsom salts lying around can be worth giving up for the reason. Put it either in the bowl and let the effervescence do its thing for a brief period.

5.   Wire Hanger

When something’s stuck in the pipe, a wire hanger can be your rescue light. The wardrobe tool essentially works like a toilet snake and carries a more forceful way to deal with your washroom clog. Expand the hanger into a stopgap rod and use it to push around the blockage until or unless it gives.

6.   Toilet Brush

There might not be a plunger close by, however, expectedly your companion’s home has a toilet brush looking forward to your aid. Utilize the cleaning wand similarly as you would a toilet plunger, jumping in the depth of the toilet bowl and thrusting at the drainage hole. You’ll likely need to throw the brush after the deed has been done, and have tidying supplies handy to tidy up the mess.


It’s never an ideal circumstance. A short trip to the washroom followed by just a single flush and, blast, you’re facing a clogged up drainage or much more awful an almost flooding toilet. If you appear to stand there without a plunger think about your alternatives before employing a plumber. There are plenty of different approaches to do what needs to be done, a significant number of which require simply the things you have in your washroom or kitchen cupboards.


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