9 Best Macerating Toilet System Reviews In 2024

Up flushing or macerating toilet differs from a flushing toilet fed with gravity because the waste product is put into a macerating pump tank which shreds the waste into or out of the existing waste stack. Standard toilets are gravitating waste down into the sewer or septic tank.

In most uncommon places, macerating toilets can be placed. It can be found in homes where a toilet is located far from the main drainage line (1).

The best toilet maceration is strong, stubborn, and easy to clean. Consider its weight, size, and ease of installatin before you buy a macerating toilet. You should also understand its guarantee and its appearance. But how can you say which toilet to purchase? Here We have different Top-rated macerating toilets. So, let’s choose the best for you as per your need.

10 Top-Rated Macerating Toilet

1.  Liberty Pumps Macerating Toilet

Just by looking at it, you cannot recognize an up-flush toilet, and it can be fine. After all, in your shower, the up flush toilets mix your waste. Nobody wants to photograph this image. It can also be very stylish inside the tank, even though it is usually perfume-proof.

However, freedom toilets up flush are EPA compliant (2). This one uses 1.28 GPF and is therefore appropriate for California and other low-water countries. This is an extensive unit. It has a bowl, a toilet, a macerator, and air pipes. The battery is provided in the package with a rechargeable battery. It takes 3 and a half hours when you charge the battery, so the toilet can be used even after power has expired.


  • Lightweight.
  • Low intake of water.
  • Modern design.
  • Simple assembling.

2.  Saniflo Sanicompact 48 One Piece

You may be the one who is seeking a toilet that fits into a narrow space, and still gives you the macerating power you need.

This toilet is built to fit in the smallest of bathrooms as the name suggests. The device comes with an integrated tank, which saves installation work. This washroom is very light, weighing just 62 pounds. While it is easy to do by yourself, we suggest you get some assistance.

Moreover, the small size of this toilet is one of the most effective in water consumption on the market. Just about a gallon of water is used in this toilet.


  • Size Compact
  • Weight light light
  • Low water intake
  • Excellent for small toilets.

3. Thetford Marine NANO

Marine toilets are built for sewage-free work, so they are suitable for cellars and ‘non-bathrooms. This Nano toilet is made from a solid, block-resistant flush using Turbine Technology. For smaller bathrooms, the compact size of this unit is a common option. Indeed, this model does, as its name implies, have many similarities to the toilets on a boat where space is essential.

It may be a small marine bathroom but it is as effective as some big bathrooms. It meets the current specifications for ships less than 50′′ (45m). This model’s turbine technology gives it a very strong flush. This saves water by reducing the number of times that you have to flush and ensures that your waste is safely and effectively transported.


  • Quite lightweight – perfect for tiny bathrooms.
  • Mighty flush.
  • Operational silence surprisingly.
  • Very little intake of water.

4. Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet

You don’t have to break up your bathroom to set up this toilet. Link the pump simply to the toilet spigot and then attach the water supply to the toilet tank. Connect the pump to the discharge pipe and turn on the power toilet. Because of the pump and blade, the toilets are still louder in operation than ordinary toilets. But the toilet is surprisingly quiet.

You can also attach additional bathroom furnishings, such as a lavatory and a tub, so this toilet can be the heart of your bathroom. With its powerful pump, this toilet enables you to build a bathroom up to 150 feet from the nearest ground stack. The flush of 1.6 gallons strikes a good balance between energy conservation and water conservation. Most toilets give you waste. You force it into underground sewers, which you submit to processing facilities. Or lead it into your septic tank, drained by a sewer.


  • powerful pump.
  • Operation quiet.
  • The flush is powerful.

5.  Saniflo SaniBEST Macerating Toilet

The toilet will get rid of what you put in it with 1,6 gallons per flush. The macerator is more than up to the task of flushing waste easily, thanks to its steel blade spinning at 3600 pm. Even if it is up to 25 feet below the sewer line this toilet will work.

The maceration toilet is just as easy to install. The pump is very quiet in operation despite its strength. If you want to use it late at night while people sleep in your neighborhood, you will be glad. However, don’t let installation ease fool you. This toilet is a sturdy and reliable workhorse with a 2-year warranty from the maker.


  • Building heavy duty.
  • 2 years guarantee.
  • Powerful pump.

6. Lift Assure Round

This toilet balances the space saved and still delivers top results. The round bowl makes it suitable for smaller areas but still comfortable and for people of diverse sizes, the toilet itself is a good height.

This model is also well developed. Some smaller toilets may be fragile or inexpensive, but it feels like one that should last. And this toilet has a characteristic, which is known from normal non-macerating toilets when it comes to saving water. The double flush means you can only use a half-flush to maintain those water bills when you need it. In all, for a macerator toilet, it’s a good option.


  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for most decorated bathrooms
  • Low water intake

7. Bathroom Anywhere’s Macerator toilet

Macerating toilets give you the choice of almost anywhere installing a bathroom. This model has a robust design which makes the basement toilets a long-lasting and common option. This toilet has a macerating pump integrated into the toilet’s plumbing, in contrast to many other versions. This ensures that your bathroom has less space and a more conventional toilet look.

You can mount a toilet anywhere you wish in this properly-named macerating toilet. It will pump water up to 18 feet while the toilet is underground.  Beware, however; it’ll be hard to reach this toilet if the macerator gets clogged or stuck. It is harder than other ones. Nevertheless, it’s a good high comfort toilet and most users can get enough performance. It deserves consideration.


  • This toilet should last a while, because of the strong construction.
  • Installing fast.

8. Zoeller Ultima Elongated

The biggest aspect of a toilet is its tank. To make good, coherent slurry requires the pace and sharpness of the blade. If the sludges are too big, the 1-inch pipes won’t match. And if the pump is powerless, the strength of the same narrow pipes can not be overcome.

There will also be no pressure to drive sludge to the drain. This can lead to obstructions, pipes break up, and dreadful messages. Zoeller is a fabricator of pumps, so the hardware has fallen out. Their pumps are powerful to many other brands, so they have chosen to create their toilet. They called it the Qwik Jon Ultima Closet due to its perfect working skillt.


  • It is a pre-assembled pump and cistern, so they are ready to use and easier to mount.
  • It is Eddy Steel Tri-cutters are suitable for sniping cotton, latex, and another washcloth.
  • It has automatic overload and overheating security.

9.  IntelFlo 600 Watt

At first, when you look at this toilet maybe you get a little worried Because It has no tank or pumps attached likely. And because they are sold separately by similar designers, your wallet might start achieving. These elegant, curvy esthetics will start to think about the additional costs involved. You should relax, however.

It looks like a one-piece IntelFlo Dual Flush WC because it is self-contained. The macerator is integrated into its thick foundation. And it does not require a separate tank, since its water supply is directly supplied from the water supply. It is very cost-effective concerning water. It uses 0.75 GPF in liquid flush while it uses 1 GPF in solid flush.


  • For 11 years, the pump was prodded and improved to eliminate all kinks.
  • The flushing mechanism is integrated so that a cistern is required.
  • The floor is skirted to make maintenance easier.

Wrapping Up

By using Macerating toilets, You can retrofit a toilet without plumbing, drainage, or septic tank in the living area. The best alternative when operating in an area without any of the utilities is macerating toilets. It gives you versatility and creativity. It should never be the only toilet in the home, but it is a nice alternative. You want to know if you have enough strength to grind your macerator. Carefully check the restrictions or after each use, you will have a clog. Also, make it safe and economical to use the extension pipes and spares.


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