1. SinkShroom The Revolutionary Sink Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare, Blue
  2. Danco’s Bathroom Sink Hair Catcher
  3. LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher/Bathtub Drain Cover/Drain Protector for Pop-Up & Regular Drains(Patented Product)
  4. Drain Buddy No Installation Clog Preventing Bathroom Sink Stopper/Strainer, Fits 1.25 Bathroom Sink Drains | Chrome Plated Plastic Caps
  5. Gotega hair catcher

If you are someone who has to save some extra dollars from your monthly budget to pay the plumber because you never know when your bathroom sink strainer would clog. If the answer is yes, then this article is perfect for you. 

Fortunately enough, some best bathroom sink strainers will automatically make you delete your plumber’s number. This is because these bathroom strainers are perfectly designed to catch all the hair and dirt that usually results in drain clogging. 

A sink strainer is something that is something which can’t be easily overlooked in your bathroom makeover. A strainer is something that you often notice, after brushing your teeth or washing your face because you fear clogging. So, not only do you want your best bathroom strainer to look attractive but also to work efficiently. 

How do you make the right choice of buying the best bathroom sink strainer? 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. This best bathroom sink strainer article is here to help you through it. 

We have compiled a list of the 5 best bathroom sink strainers that work amazingly. The compilation comes after proper research and includes the detailed features of each product.

Let’s get started.

SinkShroom the Revolutionary Sink Drain Protector

SinkShroom is one of the most reliable brands in the bathroom accessories niche. They are well known for producing clog-free bathroom sink strainers. What’s even more interesting about this brand is the story behind the invention of their drains. Serge Karnegie was fed up with regular plumber visits and clogged drains. His wife had long hair and had fur buddies aka pets in the house. Hence he invented this marvelous product to make his and your life easy.

Why SinkShroom strainer?


SinkShroom bathroom sink strainer is light on the pocket. This product costs only $10.97 making it quite affordable in the category of best bathroom sink strainers.

Works efficiently 

This highly effective bathroom sink strainer catches every single strand of hair or any dirt.

A perfect fit

One of the best things about this strainer is that it fits perfectly in a standard bathroom drain. 

Attractive design

This strainer comes in a very stylish and modern design. It offers six dreamy colors like 

  • organic green 
  • autumn orange
  • titan clear
  • clean white
  • neutral grey
  • marine blue

Point to think over

The only thing about this product that people usually don’t appreciate is that it is hard to clean. But still, people keep purchasing it regardless of this one downside, which shows it’s worth it. 

Danco’s Bathroom Sink Hair Catcher

Danco bathroom sink strainer is built with high-quality stainless steel which results in high durability. It offers long life considering its everyday use. 

Why Danco bathroom strainer?

Comes in a pack of two

This highly effective and long-lasting bathroom strainer comes in a pack of two. Thus saving your time to order another one, in case any damage occurs.

A strainer that blends with your bathroom aesthetics

As far as size is concerned, being around 1 to ½ inches it fits a standard bathroom sink stoppers. It comes in a soft white color that can easily blend with your bathroom aesthetics.

Clog-free drain

It does its job perfectly in preventing clogs. It catches all the hair, dirt and is ineffective even if harsh chemicals are poured.

Easy to fit and clean

It has a portable design that can easily be installed or removed. Moreover cleaning. It just requires detaching the suction pump, cleaning it, and reinstalling it. 

LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher (Patented Product)

This strainer is made with high-quality steel which ensures clog-free drains without rusting or any other damage. Hence ideal for everyday use.

Why LEKEYE strainer?


This product offers high durability and works for many years without losing its shine and charm.

Improved Quality 

This strainer comes with a 1-year warranty. This fine quality product ensures long life, easy usage, and environment-friendly product. 

Guarantees clog-free drain and hassle-free life 

LEKEYES bathroom strainer catches all the dirt or product residues, hair strands without any clogging. It is rustproof and saves money that you otherwise have to pay to plumbers. It protects pipes and functions in a phenomenal way. 

Innovative Design

It consists of two parts. It can easily be installed or reinstalled by hands, making it easy to clean and maintain.  

Drain Buddy No Installation Clog Preventing Bathroom Sink Stopper/Strainer

Drain buddy offers a unique design and comes with a highly effective no-clog technology. This amazing provides dual services; it works as a bathroom sink strainer to prevent clogs and also as a sink stopper to seal your bathroom sink. 

Why Drain Buddy strainer?

Easy to use and easy to install

One of the best bathroom sink strainers, drain buddy is easy to use and requires no professional installation. Hence no need to call the plumber when you can easily install it. It is simple, just remove the old stopper and drop your new best friend aka drain buddy in your bathroom sink and you are good to go! 

A 2 in 1 solution to your bathroom sink problems

This dual-function product works both as a strainer and stopper. Making it a highly portable and effective product for buyers. In order to seal the seal your sink, just push down the cap and to drain your sink, just pull the cap back up! 

Easily replace or clean the baskets 

The improved design of the basket makes cleaning easy with a built-in cleaning rod that is detachable

Say no to messy clogs

The new and improved no-clog technology prevents messy clogs which result in costly plumber bills and a never-ending headache!

Any lost item can be recovered

This phenomenal product provides security so any lost jewelry item like tiny studs or pearls can easily be recovered by pulling up the stopper and pressing the buttons present on the cap which releases the basket. 

Gotega Hair Catcher

Gotega hair catcher is a perfect and durable bathroom sink strainer. Made from silicon it catches hair and all the waste products. It provides fast drainage and is ideal for any bathroom because it comes in an attractive design and a nice range of elegant colors.

Why Gotega hair catcher?


This product comes in a pocket-friendly five-pack. At an affordable price, it works perfectly and we can safely say that it is worth the money.

A suitable fit

This bathroom sink strainer can be used in flat, slightly dome, or open drains. What’s more surprising about this product is that it can be used in both bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Impressive durability

Another factor that adds more value to this bathroom sink strainer is its high durability. It is can not be deformed even if it is mishandled.

Fast drainage

The small holes of the Gotega hair catcher make it one of the best bathroom sink strainers because it results in fast drainage. Thus it assures to catch air or any other dirt residue which often results in clogging. 

Wide range of colors

This bathroom sink strainer comes in five different colors. 

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • gray
  • pink 

Thus you have a nice range of colors to choose whatever colors suits your bathroom. 


What are the best bathroom sink strainers you can find on Amazon?

  1. SinkShroom The Revolutionary Sink Drain Protector
  2. Danco’s Bathroom Sink Hair Catcher
  3. LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher
  4. Drain Buddy No Installation Clog Preventing Bathroom Sink Stopper/Strainer
  5. Gotega Hair Catcher

How do I choose the best bathroom sink strainer?

To buy the perfect fit, you have to select a strainer that is the same size or a bit smaller than your sink’s hole. For instance, if your sink has a drain hole of 1.75″ then sizes like 1.25″, 1.5″, or 1.65″ will go with it. 

What is the standard bathroom sink strainer size?

1.25 inches is the standard size, with common widths like 1.5 inches and 1.625 inches. However, the design of the sink and the size can vary from model to model. In, this case the size of the hole of the sink helps in choosing the drain and strainer.

What do sink strainers usually do?

A sink strainer is a kind of perforated metal mesh strainer used to filter out dirt, hair, or debris. Different varieties of strainers are used for different purposes.

Final Words: This article provided a detailed review of the best bathroom sink strainers. From affordable to dual-functioning sink strainers, there is a wide variety of to choose from. The above-mentioned list comprises of all kinds of bathroom sink strainers that are not only effective in performance but also come in attractive designs and elegant colors


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