Unclog A Sink

How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink with Standing Water

One of the most common kinds of clogging happens in the bathroom sink more than any other drain pipe in the house. Clogging of the drain pipe is a part of life and can be dealt with easily if you know how to perform different DIY. You must always pay attention to the nature of the water drainage of your sink. Because that can help you enough by saving you from a bigger task to remove a stubborn clog along with liters of water accumulated into the bathroom.

There are proper plunging machines that can deal with this problem in minutes. But it’s not a bad idea to try the hot water trick before you grab your plunger. In case if the water accumulates in the sink it can be driven out by the use of a snake drain. There are several approaches you can choose to deal with sink clogs. One of those are;

Boiling Water.

In a bathroom sink when there is a clog you already know that it is composed of all the amount of grease, hair, and some other bathroom stuff. If you have a metal drainage pipe then pouring very hot water can also loosen the clog. But there are few factors that you must take care of using boiling water and that includes; you should never pour boiling water directly into the porcelain sink but you can put it in the down drain. Moreover, you should also be careful by using boiling water if you have PVC pipes as it can soften them.

Try Using a Drain Plunger

Right now there are two types of plungers available in the market when one of them is a cup plunger and the other one is a flange plunger. These plunges work by deliberately accumulating large amounts of water into the bathroom sink so that it creates a tight seal for the plunger to suck up the clog that has been stuck. Now when you have collected a good amount of water into this sink then you can put the plunger head on the drain opening. Now the very next thing that you have to do is to pump the plunger in up and down direction to create pressure for the clog.

Remove Drain Trap To Auger.

In this method, the first thing you have to do is to remove a drain stopper. One of the things that we have to do is to extend the cable of the auger machine into the drain. You can insert more cables as long as you don’t feel satisfied with the performance of your drainage pipe. It can be a different type of clogs including a big thick hair accumulated clog which is commonly found in all the drainage.

When you have extended the cable inside the drain you have to clockwise turn the crank handle of the auger pipe along with that you have to apply some pressure on the cable as well. Right after you are done with your cleaning with the help of the Auger pipe then you can flush the sink with a good amount of hot water

Remove The Drain Trap.

It is a very easy way of cleaning your clogged drain. In this method you can remove the drain trap and let out the water from the sink outside you can put a dustbin underneath the sink pipeline. You can do this job by loosening The Slip nuts that are fixed on the trap with the help of pliers for a pipe wrench. Now you can use an auger cable and insert it into the horizontal section of the drain pipe. Make sure you must notice as if the cable of the auger machine gets stuck at the pipe bend. If it gets stuck, then applying pressure can be enough helpful.

Chemical Drain Cleaners.

Using chemical drain cleaners is not a very good idea when you are cleaning your clogged drain pipe. None of the chemical drain cleaners is environment friendly.  Moreover, it also harms the material of drain pipes your bathroom sink has. All the chemical drain cleaners have different kinds of chemical compounds like caustic Chemicals and they can be very dangerous to use. Another drawback of using chemical drain cleaners is the danger that can occur and these cleaners don’t work on stubborn clogs.

All of the above methods that have been given in this blog can be very helpful to remove any clog that has stuck in your drain pipes. Some of the methods have multiple drawbacks and should not be preferred while cleaning but other DIY remedies for cleaning drain pipes are the best solutions to have when you are not ready to pay for a plumber. It is not only about paying the plumber but it gets very hectic to match the timing of the plumber and co-ordinate with them.


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