Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Best Hair Catcher for Shower Drain in 2024

A hair catcher is a must-have accessory since it does an excellent job of trapping hair and waste from reaching into your bathroom drains (1). You can put it on top, or insert it in your drains, and it will catch both human and pet fur, preventing it from clogging your sink, toilet, or shower drains. The choice of hair-catchers depends primarily on the types of drains in your toilet (2).

Thus, any drain begins to accumulate over time unpleasant wet hair tangles that reduce its drainage ability. A shower drain catcher saves you plumber expenses a lot, in the long term, because it will prevent your hair from being blocked in the tubes or blocking the drain and flooding your pool.

See our top 10 drainage hair catcher list to help you pick one or more for your bathroom’s drains.

Top 10 Shower Drain Catcher

Lekeye LE8801

Because of their superior construction, optimum diameter, and special hole design, Lekeye LE8801 is the top spot for the best overall shower drain hair catcher. This high-end capturer boasts a high-quality rust-proof construction of stainless steel that is also durable and reliable. It features an elliptical hole pattern for efficient hair and debris trapping without blocking the drainage. Smooth flow of water is also possible with semi-circle holes.

The silicone edge of the hair catcher effectively traps waste (3) and foreign organisms from the drain. Its big 4.75-inch diameter guarantees optimum drainage coverage when taking into consideration various drain sizes. However, we have noticed that Lekeye LE8801 is more likely to change particularly when you push it with your toes accidentally.


  • Rust-proof construction of quality
  • Single design vacuum.
  • Adequate capture of waste
  • Higher drainage coverage

Danco 88820

The catcher has a unique mesh design, which enables free fluent water and prevents blockage, to maximize hair and debris trapping and optimal water drainage. Thanks to its innovative mesh style, robust build quality, and ease of use, Danco 88820 is the best hair catcher for sink drains. It also has a long-lasting construction of stainless steel that ensures long-lasting reliability. It can be powered by daily use of the bathroom.

The 2,5-inch diameter is the universal fit of the sink that can be used in most regular sinks in the bathroom. Its stand-alone position makes removal and cleaning simple. This mesh strainer is also the most economical on our list. The only problem with Danco 88820 is that it can be used only in sink drains. For a shower drain, you need another type of hair catcher.


  • Mesh  design optimizes drainage of water
  • Sustainable standard construction
  • Most sinks have a universal architecture
  • Simple to purify

TubShroom TSWHT454

The best hair drain catcher on our list is TubShroom TSWHT454. It offers the best possible hair trapping and cleaning advanced styles. This hair catcher has a peculiar mushroom shape, which, unlike normal plugs that are mounted across drains, allows it to fit into the bath drains. The design allows you and your pet to pick up any hair and stops it from falling down the drain.

This hair stopper can be unbelievably easily removed and cleaned. Just remove it from the drain, then clean off your hair and go. No harsh chemicals are required. The hair catcher allows the most water to flow. It’s also great to make sure you don’t have hair exposed when you shower. But TubShroom TSWHT454 and its revolutionary champagne-style are the most costly hair caught on our list.


  • The architecture of the mushroom maximizes hair trap
  • Simple to strip and smooth
  • Large water drainage troughs
  • Prevents damage to hair while showering

SlipX Solutions 12072-1

It’s suitable for flat, open, and light-domed drains. And as this hair caught is available in a 2 package, you can need not buy additional accessories in your bathroom for different drains. This hair catcher has a large diameter of 5 inches, which ensures full coverage of the drain you want to safeguard. This flat and hair catcher and bathroom drainage are easily available.

This hair-caper is simple to remove for easy cleaning and it is also washable by computer. You needn’t scrub it or disinfect it using hard chemicals. One problem we found with the SlipX Solutions 12072-1 is that it’s not the best suction cup. For the suction to operate, the installation surface must be very smooth and plane.


  • Adapts to many forms of the drain.
  • Superior maximum coverage range
  • Comes in a bunch of 2
  • Simple to clean

Oxo 1288100

Oxo 1288100 is a perfect hair catcher for the drain of the set-up when your bathroom has a tub. This hair catcher has a slender profile which ensures that accessory will not come in the way during the shower. It has large troughs, which allow efficient water drainage especially due to its flat design. Almost all the holes come into contact with water while holding all the stray hair away.

The catcher comes with a soft, non-slip, silicone rim to ensure that the drain protector stays securely in place when you are in the bathroom. The primary material for making this hair-catcher is rust-proof and durable stainless steel. However, especially given that most of the rival models on our list are cheaper, Oxo 1288100 is particularly pricey.


  • Flat profile for low touch
  • Large holes for efficient drainage of water
  • Silicone rim gives grip on the surface
  • Evidence of rust and lasting

Good Living SYNCHKG047780

Good Living SYNCHKG047780 has a wonderful captivating property for your shower drain. Installation and use are simple. Only wet the drain areas and put them up. It fastens the hair very effectively and prevents the blockage of the drainage. You’ll also love how fast this hair catcher can be cleaned. Just remove it with your finger lift and you can clean it further.

This hair-catcher suits most styles of sinks, showers, and tub drains due to its large 4.75 diameter and universal nature. Because good life SYNCHKG047780 is made from plastic, it can easily be molded, and must therefore be cleaned regularly to prevent such accumulation.


  • Drain surface self-selling
  • Simple to purify
  • Adapts to several types of drain

Shurin Square

This Shurin square drain cover is a little different from other square drains on this list. This system covers the whole drain instead of sitting on top of the drain hole. It is made of tough, durable silicone. The drain cover sticks to your bathroom or to the dush floor with four suction cups (one on each corner). This not only helps you capture more hair and other clutter but also stops you from falling.

Almost every shower drain works for the Shurin Square Drain Cover, but it is especially effective in wide, flat shower drains. It can maintain hair away from the wider drain openings, whereas other models cannot be included in this list.


  • Wide design No-Slip
  • Sustainable building
  • Great for Large Square Drains
  • Clean easily

Gotega Silicone

With its vivid colors and excellent hair-stop capabilities, we like the Gotega Silicone Drain Hair Stopper. These drainage hair stops are made of silicone for longer life. The silicone construction also avoids slip and slip when moist. The tiny elliptical holes are excellent when hair and other waste are stopped from accessing your valuable drains.

These Gotega drain covers are quite wide and very versatile (about 5 inches across). You may use them for the same hair-stop outcome in your shower, bathtub, or sink.


  • Available in Colorful Range
  • Durable
  • easy-to-remove versatile design

Umbra Starfish

The Drain Cover from Umbra Starfish is made of high-quality plastic molded material. Ok, don’t say it’s weak because plastic is made of it. Not everyone’s plastic. It is made of plastic of high quality. The material is waterproof and flexible. It won’t rust, therefore.

The hair-catcher is molded to keep the catcher in the right position with five suction cups.  The hair catcher is also affordable. It is the last way to obstruct it.


  • Rust resistant
  • Water-resistant and flexible
  • Made of plastic of high quality
  • Five suction cup molded
  • Stays in the right spot

Hair Snare

Finally, for you, we have a Hair Snare Drain Cover that is regarded as another best shower drain hair catcher of today. The commodity is made of luxury materials in the United States. So for many years, it will last.

The drain covers the hair and other things but does not interrupt the flow of water. The hair catcher is no issue with the cleaning of the shower drain. The item is all you want from your caught hair drain. You’re going to like it mounted defiantly. The cost is also fair.


  • Made in the United States
  • Hair and other waste Catches
  • The flow of water never disturbs
  • Simple to purify
  • Priced fairly
  • Appropriate design

On Summing Up, All of the above hair catchers of the shower drain are incredible. Each of them is a strong individual. Just understand what you want and then hit the deal.


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